Taking Action is a Crucial Part of Manifestation

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Video References:
The real reason why people don’t change: 7:58

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Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

The result when people are restored to wholeness is that the world will be restored to wholeness. Teal Swan's teachings invite people to step fully into their authenticity, knowing that this will bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

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  1. You’re a blessing to humankind. Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🖤🙏

  2. I will no longer prevent my own expansion. Thank you, Teal ❤❤❤❤

  3. Your videos in the last 5-6 weeks or so are in total synchronisation with me 😉

  4. Much needed to all of us who spend so much time procrastinating on YouTube

    • I withdraw from work or social interaction since this corona pandemic appear.. somehow i feel it is just what i needed (time for myself), and in my “isolation time” i realize that the life i use to live before the pandemic is not actually the life i want to live..

      Now i reached the phase of “wanting to take action” (maybe because i feel bored after a year of isolating myself) but the biggest thing that is stopping me is still this pandemic (afraid to get infected by covid).. or maybe a part of me still want time for myself so it’s making up excuses..
      But somehow, in this “not taking action” moment, i actually feel i am doing something, it feels like this is just the process of a mental preparation i need to go through before i make the changes i need to do in order to create the new life i want to live..

      So many thanks to teal for making interesting and knowledgeable videos, and thank you for the comments on youtube videos.. it’s quiet entertaining to read comments on youtube, it provides the right amount of interaction i want in this isolation moment ❤ love u all

  5. “It doesn’t matter if you do all the shadow work in the world to realise that your parents acted and still act in a way that’s counterproductive for your progression if you keep on living with them in their home.”

    • Guys, I sincerely thought the forced cohabitation with them would push me to heal faster and deeper, and somehow it did. But kept wondering why doesn’t my vibration raise up? Well. That’s why. 😂

    • Damn I thought this just now…that’s a sign for me to move out 😳

    • @Astrea I also inhibited thinking my Karma’s would resolve fast and probably they will raise their vibration and understand me as well. But sometimes it to affect me and cause inability to take action. That’s why manifestation taking time

  6. That part….🙏🏾💜 thank you Teal!! It’s like the in breath without the out breath… inspiration and no manifestation!

  7. I have oftentimes taken premature action, too. Pushing too hard, too early or in the «wrong» direction, so I guess that sometimes makes me apprehensive of action. However, I know that resistance can be dealt with consciously. We never actually make mistakes, they always end up teaching valuable lessons.

  8. Thank you for the timing and it gives the reminder that THE UNIVERSE always responds! Peace and lots of gratitude Teal!🙏🙏

  9. I’m always expanding myself. Eating one too many slices of Pizza. Haha, I kid. Good advice in this video

  10. I feel exposed🥸

    Teal always knows what we need to hear at the right time❤️

  11. My issue was I was asking too many people and being paralyzed by all the different options. Now I’m soley trying to rely on my own intuition to guide me.

  12. Once again a subject that deeply resonates with my specific situation as if the universe was watching me 😂😂❤❤

  13. at age 37 I finally start doing things for my life, rather than just living day to day and drifting throgh it, never really getting anywhere. God it took me a while

    • I’ve watched this 3x and sent to a bunch of ppl I was just talking to….about this. Huge synchronicity. ❤️

  14. When you asked what gets in the way of our taking action the answers bubbles up…. thanks for this needed nudge
    As always. I love you Teal. Thank you

  15. Now I know why my life only ever seems to get worse the more healing work I do 😔

  16. Exactly lmao, after all the years of “just sit there and manifest” we finally get admittance that you need to actually move your body to get stuff, sounds more like “actualization” then “manifesting” now doesn’t it?

    • Right after all the years of just misleading people leaving out the most important stuff about actually having discipline and taking action 😒…lol

  17. Teal is by far one of the most enlightened teachers out there. Super famous psychologists or coaches are not even close to understanding the complexities of the human mind and psychology, it’s amazing to have discovered teal ! The first video I watched in this channel was about intermittent reinforcement, and it was really helpful. I knew on the spot that Teal was such an aware human being … The content of the videos is always enlightening and smart ❤️ Keep up the good work

  18. This is so true… The more I step into healing, the more painful it is living with my parents. I need to move away from them before I can heal my generational and parent-inflicted wounds. I’ve been declining to heal for some time now because of it; I experienced incredible change in my life and found that that change is not sustainable while living with my mother. It opened my eyes.

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