Synesthesia: A Deep Look at Consciousness, ESP, Super-Normal Abilities and the Nature of Reality

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Synesthesia: A Deep Look at Consciousness, Extrasensory Perception, Super-Normal Abilities and the Nature of Reality. A conversation with Maureen Seaberg and Deepak Chopra.

Maureen Seaberg is the Mensa-qualified coauthor of Struck by Genius with savant Jason Padgett. The script for the film adaptation has recently been completed and will be co-produced by Mr. Padgett and Ms. Seaberg.

Maureen Seaberg is an expert blogger on the senses for Psychology Today. Her next book will be on new, extraordinary sensory research for a major publisher.

She has written for the New York Times, National Geographic, ESPN the magazine, Vogue, Glamour, the Daily Beast and many other venues. Her nature photos and videography and writing have also been featured in National Geographic. Her writing has been optioned for dramatization five times.

Ms. Seaberg has several forms of synesthesia, including the profound empathy of mirror touch, and in 2013 tested positive for the genetic basis for tetrachromacy, or the presence of a fourth cone class for color perception in her eyes. The BBC said she has superhuman vision. And Vogue called her the "Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes". She has begun tetrachromacy functionality testing with Arizona State University to confirm the behaviors and experiences of the phenotype and early results are extremely positive.

She is very honored to have collaborated with MAC Cosmetics as the inspiration for and color consultant on a line of super-pigmented lipstick called Liptensity due to her tetrachromacy.

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  1. How can I reset All of my programming to what “I” want? How can I become aware about my blue print, delete it(all limiting beliefs and limitations) and create a new one?!

  2. Thank you Dr. Chopra for your deep work across traditions and professions, elevating this conversation, not just “getting” it.

  3. Thank you also Dr. Deepak Chopra!
    This are beautifull capacities, thanks
    to everyone who is already using them
    for helping!

  4. … is there a color of truth vs the sound of attempting to hide it
    To exist: is to take up space… & this is a Soul (placeholder)=> even a thought exists
    & why you can’t have 2 (new) thoughts at the same time
    Light moves in both a wave &… the thought became a Living Soul linked in a wave of Time to a DNA

  5. So, I have had out of body experiences, visions with my eyes closed and opened, hear things from the inside, and see pure light cast around people and sometimes splashes of color(aura). And the bird thing is really fascinating for me to hear! I notice birds swoop down really close to me when I am walking and driving. Like a few inches away from my body. Also, sometimes when they chirp, I get a message or something occasionally. Hard to describe much of this…..The experiences also carry different degrees of depth and spiritual insight. Thank you, this will be helpful in sharing with family and friends who experience fear around these subjects.

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