Super New Moon in Libra: Initiate Balance

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Are you ready for the Super Libra New Moon? October’s new moon is in Libra — a sign of harmony, beauty, relationship, cooperation, justice, and coming into balance.

Our new moon theme for October is "I Initiate Balance" and we’re working with Mandrake, Vetiver, and Raven as our teachers🌿 ✨ Mandrake is a powerful and mysterious plant for visioning and manifesting your intentions. It is said to hold powers over the body and to develop a relationship with its keeper, serving as a vessel for their magic. Vetiver soothes your worries, helps you remember what truly matters, and reconnects you with your divine purpose. Ravens are remarkably adaptable and skilled at stirring the energies of life to shapeshift and change things. Raven medicine teaches us that WE are the magic we create.

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