Sumerian King List Mentiones Advanced Ancient Civilization of Otherworldly Beings

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Found in the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, the Ancient Sumerian Kings List suggests that humanity is over 266,000 years old, with rulers spanning over thousands of years. If these Annunaki Kings were human, is it possible we could also evolve to live extended lifespans?

What hidden knowledge lies in our ancient past? A team of renowned scholars has come together to decipher the riddle of our origins and piece together our forgotten history found in monuments and texts across the world.

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    • Those eyes,the pupils are hugh,could perhaps people of the past could see more and take in different information than we do now,or were they all just tripping on mushrooms

  2. I believe the ethereal realm houses endless otherwordly entities that transverse through that realm and the physical realm to also communicate with us.

  3. If they had all power they didnt need slave race.GOD created all,but devil manipulated

  4. Tool markings have been found in fossils believed to be over 250,000,000 years old. What are you talkin bout willis?

  5. Did he say European and Asian ancestors are the originators of the ancient Egyptian culture?

  6. Great video! I hope my inventive living brings me to a group of researchers like this

  7. The ancient knowledge stuff is interesting but when Cremo started talking about yoga and meditation i started to shut off.. You  can be spiritual and meditative without selling cultic beliefs

  8. Linda last night proved she’s an NWO puppet. I lost all respect for her last night. I’m good ✌️

  9. Just think of what the GMOs are doing to change your DNA today, and you wonder why judgement day and the end of this world is coming so fast it’s pathetic

  10. If there are god he could do anything, then why he needed slave , he snaps and he gets what he wants

  11. We are living in thousands of years old system.We never advanced from our primitive forms.We are circling in endless loop.

  12. We would live waaay longer if we only consumed a diet of fish, wheat, bread, wine and water.

  13. we need to be responsible with these theories! Everything is happening a bit too coincidentally. Do you think Coronavirus was predicted in the bible?

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