STRUGGLING To Understand The Houses in Astrology? DO THIS INSTEAD!

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STRUGGLING To Understand The Houses in Astrology? DO THIS INSTEAD!

In this video, Heather clears up a common misconception in modern, Western astrology that may be preventing you from giving accurate, meaningful interpretations!

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  1. Yes, i have my aries sun and rising sign in the 12 house and was always wondering if i should take a look at pisces horoscope. Now i know

    • Question I have my sun in 12th ♒ and Asc.♒ Are we supposed to use whole house natal to assess the house the natal sign is in, or stick with whole house all together for house placements??

    • @Miss Amy yes Asc/rising is always in 1st house of natal chart. Is that what you’re asking?

    • The ascendant is either the start of the first house (in quadrant house systems) or it is in the first house. It can never be anywhere else.

  2. Omg!!! Thank you!!! I have been trying & searching for weeks trying to figure this out!!! 😄 literally the only thing that had me so stumped!!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH. I was just trying to tackle this topic this past week. Wow.

    • Same!! Lol my husband has been frustrated with me bc I’ve been buried in books too much trying to understand exactly this topic 😄 meant to be!

  4. So if we only have 3 strands of DNA activated, does that mean that we only have the earth element plus either male or female fire? This is because there are 6 elements, as there are 6 or 7 of everything and ive heard were supposed to have 12 strands of DNA.

  5. wait but houses are still ruled by the sign it is in though right? like capricorn asc is still ruled by saturn
    , I had to find this out on my own but thank you for confirming my suspisions as an amateur, I’m looking forward to enrolling in your class

    • Yes, if your first house is occupied by Capricorn, the planetary ruler of your 1st house is Saturn 🙂

  6. I need to re watch the video to see I can finally understand. My planets are in one place when I look at the tropical list in my chart and then my planets are in different signs on my houses, I get so confused 🤷‍♀️ Still trying to figure this out. Or when an astrologer says look in what house you have 11° degrees of ‘whatever’ and I have a different degree number, don’t know how to figure that either…
    Thank you Heather for your time and energy!!!!!

    • Eleven degrees of a sign is eleven degrees of a sign – you may or may not have planets or other placements there but you can still find it in the chart.

  7. Question🙋‍♀️ According to Placidus my sun is 2°of the 12th house♒ & Asc. 18° 1st house ♒ So in order to accurately assess the sign’s house placement use whole house/hellenistic method? Should I be looking at Capricorn traits for my sun in 12th, or Pieces traits? This would explain so much for me🤞🤞🤞🤗

    • Yes, for me also. Unfortunately, she didn’t offer any example… That’s why I am not able to understand…or I am not sure if I understand correctly. It seems like you should listen to Pisces reading, according to what she is saying, hmmm. Check it out
      I am wondering, if I should listen to readings for Virgo or Libra(depends on House system) for my Sun sign in Sag, or if having chart ruler(Mercury) in 6th/7th House in Sag means I should listen to the readings for the sign of Gem or Virgo/Libra as my Ris Sign…
      I find checking readings for the Ris Sign most logic, but then, it is always the first House where the rising is, so in my case Gem, no matter where the ruler is…, but following the logic presented in this video, one should perhaps consider the placement of the ruler of the 1st House as a Rising Sign(?)🤕

    • @witsch. witsch yeah I’m still stumped too lol I saw the caption & got all excited, but then was like wait…what…🥴 do I use helinistic this way or that way & which method? 🤕 is right lol

    • If you’re using Placidus then 18 Aquarius is the start of the first house, and sets the placement of all the houses in your chart, and is also your ascendant. In whole sign houses 0 degrees of the sign of your ascendant (in your case Aquarius) is the start of the first house and each house in the horoscope corresponds to one sign only.

    • @Susan Hopkinson yes I’m understanding that’s how whole sign is read, but is Heather suggesting we read charts using this method specifically now?

  8. This was just advertising. I’m a Libra rising and I know houses are not the same as signs. I didn’t learn anything. Just do that: take my course. Other videos you post are really useful, but not this one.

    • There are MANY people who don’t understand this information, but I’m glad you weren’t one of them and that you’re starting from the right foundations 🙂

    • @Astrology with Heather Keep up the good work, Heather. Very informative!

  9. I love your videos Heather.
    Also, I was wondering if you also study Human Design System? I’m addicted to learning about both Astrology and Human Design. 🙂

  10. Yea, it is a mess. Great info! Tried to register this morning but had internet issues. Will do tonight – J Beck

  11. Thank you! This is makes the most sense to me! I appreciate you🌟🙏🏽

  12. If you make a Biodynamic Garden Calendar I would buy it..I use Maria Thuns planetary magnetism calendar at the moment.

  13. Wow! I’m so new all I heard was ₩Ωθ°ฯθ°{μГ§[ฯμГ^>`·μΩ¤θ&@*%ΩμГ^¿]§}{´~ฯθΩ¡¤]©©´¿θμ{}§<ฯθΩ transits, θГ¿]ฯ¤ houses rulershipsΩГ[¿<ΩГ·

  14. I just enrolled for your Cosmic Academy of Astrology course! I’m so excited! Eep! I can’t wait 😍💚

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