Stretch and Flow: Hips and Shoulders with Sarah Finger

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In this session of Yoga for Vitality, we will specifically target areas of tension that collect in the hips and the shoulders. Through long held postures, breathing, and simple, fluid movements, we will release the fascia, or the connective tissue of the body, keeping the joints healthy and the life force energy moving through us.

Sarah Platt-Finger is the Co-Founder of @ISHTA Yoga

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  1. Te entiendo pocas palabras,pero tus videos son motivadores y muy claros 👍

  2. Hi Sarah. Could you please think about making the videos with a different camera. The picture is so small when we are trying to watch while doing it with you.

    • The picture seems perfect to me. Maybe you need a bigger monitor.

  3. I had no problem in viewing this video. Sarah this was excellent. Thank you very much

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