Stonehenge: An Astronomical Calendar

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The astronomical knowledge present at Stonehenge is staggering when you consider its age. Where did our ancient ancestors get this information?

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  1. I wonder if theyโ€™ll show the photos of the digging up of the columns and the literal destruction of the site and resetting the stones.

  2. Aliens built it. get your popcorn ready, more declassified files and ufos coming to a town near you..

  3. Did aliens build Stonedge- No
    Did ancient people build by getting influenced by aliens_- yes

  4. Come on those wernt carried ๐Ÿ˜‚ anti gravity technology and or manifestation!

  5. This is soo cool. Astrology is the key to life, map of life, the cheat code of the matrix

  6. How and why some people can compare the georgia guidestones to Stonehenge is beyond me. . they should never be uttered in the same sentence. its ridiculous to suggest tje guidestones are anything but a waste of time and space.

  7. Why do they think it took 1500 years to build? Really… Nobody is gonna plan to build something that their great x 22 grandchildren are even going to see completed… All speculations

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