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  1. The universe is supporting you in everything you do, it’s always working in your favor once you allow it to. So make it a blessed and happy day.
    WHAT THEY’RE NOT TELLING YOU!!! 😲 [this will make you raise your eyebrows 🤨)
    TRUST NOTHING THEY SAY!!! 😲 You won’t
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    believe what I’m about to tell you…
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    YOU BETTER WAKE YOU!!! 😲 You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you…
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    • I use to wake up with only a peaceful vibe, however I felt it made me complacent. I started studying the martial arts and training in striking with an amateur MMA fighter. I did this not to be a fighter, but I now feel a balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine energies.
      Anyone well versed in these energies? Please drop some knowledge.
      I want to fight to maintain peace….if that makes sense.
      Thanks you!

    • The Father loves you all and has blessings for you that does not cost you your salvation. Our Father is Lord and everyone must repent and be born again!

    • Thank you for confirming what the universe is telling me,💖🔥💖🔥💖
      My business is not doing well with everything that’s going on , but when I think inside myself I found this my business is Blessed hands Inc, even with or without success it is true that my hands are blessed daily and I am grateful 🔥💖🔥🎯

  2. “Life is like a bicycle, to sustain your balance you should keep moving” – Albert Einstein

  3. The universe is supporting you in everything you do, it’s always working in your favor once you allow it to. So make it a blessed and happy day.

    • Your just incredible and I’m with you 100%.. synchronised spirituality.
      I’m glad I get to have you apart of my everyday 😁💜💐 UK

    • God created all. He is always working. Put your faith in his Son and you will be annointed.

    • Ralph’s just telling you exactly the things you want to hear, people. Come on guys, wake up, you’re smarter than this!

    • God Himself would like to guide and support you and gift you a life in liberty and perfect peace. A life worth of living & full of purpose! Please wake up!

  4. How to live a happy life:
    1. Don’t overthink
    2. Be open-minded to everything
    3. Don’t lose that fire in your heart
    4. Remember that you’re doing this for the people
    5. Whenever you get in a stressful situation, don’t give up. Any problem that you get is a blessing in disguise because the problem will either open up an opportunity for you or make you stronger.

    • @Unending Ripples Favor and peace be increased to you. Does an Idol love the idolater? Does a tree cry when it loses a leaf? Truly, I say to you a man deceived has no right to seed.

    • @PraiseTheFather PraiseTheSon Yeh, Ralph chose to sell his soul for being worshipped by blind people to feel like god. He’s just doing what he sees his father do. I pray for him and his disciples, are you joining me?

    • @Unending Ripples when you’re living & breathing in the presence of The Most High there is no thing to be jealous of. To whom do you repent?

    • @The Kings Child Favor and peace be increased to you. You are spot on brother on your analysis. I will indeed join you in arms my brother. For the glory of the Father!

    • @Unending Ripples Favor and peace be increased to you. Little lioness, you still hide in Ralph’s den, waiting for your king to return with sustenance. He returns daily and he feeds you loyally because you are here. You love his den and he is pleased. However, there will come a day when your master will be hunted by the poacher and you will wait in the den for your master to return but he will not. Your desperation will seep in but your faith will keep you locked inside the den because your master is strong and he will return, until the reality sets in. The days will pass upon days and you will grow hungry because you haven’t had any sustenance. You will finally grow the courage to step outside the den, only to witness calamity and widespread death. There will be fire and smoot. You will not be able to see your king, for the flames draw near to the den you love. You will be terrified because your king will abandon you. Leaving you to face the flames alone with no guidance on how escape. The fires will grab you from the corners of your refuge and you will weep. The reality will set in, the reality that you should have left long ago. The fire will be hot and unrelenting and it will not stop. This is your future if you do not repent and be born again; abandonment, fear, and regret and than fire. Come to the light.

    • @PraiseTheFather PraiseTheSon your right up has shown le exactly how you feel, is obvious you are a child who expect so much not just from people but also from the universe /God, I can clearly see your fears, anyways, please stop leaving in the future, getting ready for the world unknown when the world occupying you presently, is in shambles, first fix the earth before preparing for heaven for that heaven is so closed away from those from earth, you can’t go and mess it the same way you messing the world. Receive sence and repent.

    • @Unending Ripples Favor and peace be increased to you. I can barely understand your rhetoric. Must be the demonic strongholds inside you. Dont be so weak as to feel underpowered when it comes to following Gods word. Dont be a lazy servant who thinks it’s too hard to keep his commands. If you have the same energy to praise Ralph you have the same energy to praise your Father in Heaven. Dont get so worked up, what happened to that love you are so full of? You bare his children? Truly, I say to you, no one should love flesh more than they love God.

    • Come on Ralph, are you kidding me? You are not my master!! God is my master!! Take that. Take that. Take that.

    • @Susan does he look like a kid, what sort of question is that?, be respectful ok. Gratitude

  5. “Days are expensive. When you spend a day you have one less day to spend. So make sure you spend each one wisely.” 💫✊🏾

  6. Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life 🙏🏾❤️

    • This is so effective, especially when reciting affirmations 🤗

  7. “Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.” – osho

  8. “A bad day for the ego is usually a great day for the soul.” 💚🕉🌎

    • I’m not in a very good mood and I haven’t had breakfast yet, so I guess that applies to me. My soul is having a great day, but my imperfect body and mind are not impressed. Sometimes I feel like I am my own worst enemy.

  9. We’re All GOD’s Children “Mitakuye oyasin – All are related.” Words and Emotions are extremely powerful, stay blessed! 😇🙏👽✌️🤣 ❤ Family Of All ❤

  10. “A lot of us are human doings, when we have to learn to be human beings.” – Ralph smart

  11. “The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.” Sadhguru

  12. Crystals for Clearing Mental Clutter:

    The first step to discovering your life’s purpose is to clear mental clutter. So often we find it hard to focus inward because we are stressed and distracted. Working with crystals like Selenite and Peridot to clear out mental clutter and stagnant energy helps us to create a clean slate in our journey of soul discovery.

    Try placing these crystals on your temples (if you’re lucky enough to have 2). Or, set it directly on your Third Eye Chakra. Leave the stones in place until you feel calm and centered and most of your mind chatter has stopped. It’s normal to have a few random thoughts pop in and out of your mind, so the aim here is more free space and quiet, not complete silence. We’re aiming for improvement, not perfection.

    Stress is the new smoking. Studies have linked stress to countless health problems including insomnia, inflammation, obesity, Alzheimer’s Disease, anxiety, depression, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, premature aging, and even premature death.

    Get sunlight in your waking hours. Looking to enjoy your days more? …
    No screen time 2 hours before bed. …
    Avoid caffeine late in the day. …
    Don’t nap too late. …
    Create a sleep schedule. …
    Optimize your bedroom environment. …
    Don’t eat right before bed. …
    Get regular exercise.
    Stop and Breath. The first step to gaining control over your subconscious may seem a little counteractive, but in fact, it’s this inactivity that sets you on the right path. …
    Meditation. …
    Mantras. …

  13. I’ve been stuck for 4 years and gotten worse. Moved in 8 months ago and place still a mess. Tried the 5 second rule and so many motivational speakers. Just short term! Need to start my business and unpack, declutter and clean! Seeing the SuperRalph gave me the excitement to do it!!

    • My best friend has been a hoarder for 40 years. Last night I went to his place for a rare short one hour visit. When I got back to my place, it didn’t look so bad! Good luck and have a super day! 😎

  14. “There is nothing
    Outside of yourself
    That can ever enable you
    To get better, stronger, richer
    Quicker or smarter
    Everything is within
    Everything exists
    Seek nothing
    Outside of yourself”
    -Miyomoto Musashi

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