Starseed Oracle Message From Orion – May 2021 (Part 1)

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Welcome to your Starseed Oracle Reading for the first 2 weeks of May 2021.

This is a powerful #1 month and this resonates with Orion. In this reading, Hayden uses his Starseed oracle deck for a powerful reading and channeled message from the Orion Star Family

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  1. Many thanks!. Solar plexus really been twinging last two days. Restarted wearing gold jewelry too after years of silver. Art frames & cushions are gold that run thru house. Also drawn to blue red tones, purple and green. Fragrance important to so lots of Arab incense when meditating. Always being called strange and unusual πŸ₯°

  2. I feel bizarrely connected somehow with Orion and I see Orion signs/information/pictures/name everywhere since 2019 but the funny thing is I never been attracted to the yellow colour and this is the only colour I don’t have ANY clothes with and never had. Bizarre. And when I see or hear Orion my reaction is always very intense. I would love to get to know more about it but don’t know who should I talk to about it. Maybe a regression session would bring me some answers.

    • I feel strangely connected to Orion also, as if I need to point it out every time I see it. My Mom (ODD at best) highly discouraged me from wearing yellow, which I enjoy. She said Blondes dont look good in yellow. I disagree. Friends of mine urge me to come out of the “E.T. Closet”. They know I am different. Yes, I am an Aquarian.

    • @Bev Turquoise I’m Aquarian too and blonde and my mum had the same opinion about the colour. Wow, I’m a bit shocked to be honest. Lol, I will buy a yellow t-shirt and I will try it on and check how it feels:)

    • @Magdalena S. are you waiting for the “transition” or ‘asension” like I am? I feel like I want to go to my home planet. Patricia Cota Robles on YouTube is a fabulous connection.

    • @Bev Turquoise I believe I’m here for a purpose and I chose this life on Earth to learn and grow like we all. I would want to experience a regression session to get back to the time between lives to understand more about myself, my choices, my purposes here on Earth in this life and the people I chose to help me here. Life on Earth is a difficult experience with lots of challenges but one day we all get back home and then everything will make sense for us. Did you read Dr Michael Newton Destiny of Souls. New case studies of life between lives? I recommend this and other of his books.

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