Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms (Are You Experiencing Any of These Things?) | Awakening Process

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You may be having a “spiritual awakening” right now and not realize the signs, symptoms and various stages. In this video, you’ll discover 10 physical and non-physical stages of this process that many people are experiencing right now. Spiritual awakening refers to a shift in consciousness and perception of reality that ultimately leads to enlightenment. It is an understanding and recognition of oneness with all existence.

Spiritual awakenings tend to follow certain patterns or stages that are accompanied by different signs and symptoms. Once you learn what these stages are, you’ll be able to align more easily with what is happening and begin to notice that your spiritual awakening becomes a more peaceful process. #spiritualawakening #awakening #spiritualgrowth




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  1. *💥Recommended Video: Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation | Raise Your Consciousness & Activate Your Higher Self ➡ **https://youtu.be/v7grtHZAd-0*

  2. I am in a total state of agony and sadness for the last week.
    I Have seen a lot of 11:11 and 1:11 before
    I was seen 2:222 and all kind of 222222 for one year.

  3. I liked this before I even watched it because all your videos are great 💕

  4. And you will look back at your awakening as the greatest thing to ever happen to you🙌🏽✨

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this Great and Beautiful knowledge with Us..🙏🏻🌟💐

    💖Se Thank you 🌟🙏🏻🌟

  6. 5:08 it happened to me in 2018 when I finished reading ”Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon hill'”… I read for the first time, second time, when I finished reading for the third time, at 3 am I heard someone calling me Denzel Denzel Denzel, he called me 3 times, the third time his call was at low voice like dennnzel. .I woke up, I raised my hand to him but I couldn’t touch him because I took long time to wake up, I saw him going, I followed him in the room but he disappeared, I do not recognise the face, I don’t know if it was a woman or man. ..
    The second night it happened again but this time he didn’t call my name, he just stood up there looking at me and went, since then it never happened again….. I know it will happen with me again if I pay full attention. … I never told this to anybody, this is the first time I’m writing or letting someone know that it happened to me. .

    • Hi i get the sense that someone is watching me. But i dont see anyone yet. Long time ago i use to see shadows on top of the roof sitting like spider man in dark black shadow. Starring at me.

    • Thanks for sharing this! I have had in my life several times a voice that calls out my name. What, or who is that? So cool that you actually seen someone!!!! 😉

  7. All signs present and struggle continues especially depression but a deep knowing that i shall come out way so better from my cocoon of comfort.

  8. 137 thumbs up and no thumbs down at 999 views? No naysayers here :))))) Brilliant explanation.

    • I as well…..my great awakening happened following a bad injury……& I felt like nothing here mattered as I thought, so much was untrue & I experienced many visions …..❤️🙏

  9. One of the biggest signs of a spiritual awakening is that you begin to realize that a lot of the people, places and things you’ve developed in your life have no place in it anymore and you now need to let go of a lot of it to allow the newer ones in.
    Good luck!

  10. I am so thankful and grateful for this..I am experiencing all these symptoms..thank you for this video..I was just asking why I feel this way when I was meditating..this makes me feel better..thank you❤❤❤

  11. I am a Buddhist by practice and faith.
    Realise many of these signs happening to me. I always tell myself I am a spirit not this Human that I thought I am.
    – I have immense compassion for animals
    – Get nudges and even visuals while meditating.
    You are amazing . Thankyou soooooo much! Really thank you as much❤️

  12. Been seeing blue neon light shadow like following my hand and around things (like aura not sure) but im enjoying it a lot🌟🌟🌟😁😁😁💙💙💙

  13. I started this process when I totally blew up my life and moved away in 2015. I came back a year later but the transformation I made during that time has stuck with me.
    I often feel like some other spirit took control of my body and just retained the memories 😂
    I will say though, ego death was the most enjoyable experience I’d ever encountered personally. Felt so incredibly freeing.

  14. #9: A few weeks ago I had a dream of which I am certain that I was aware of being dreaming. The dream was about me having a dream! And I have had that dream serveral times before so I knew exactly what was coming next and next and next! It was such a remarkable experience of which I now know, because of this video it must be part of spiritual awakening. Thank you!!!

  15. Wow. If I were to write about my adventure it would be this video. 💝🙏💐 Thank you. No short term memory loss though — it’s the exact opposite and mind boggling. 😂 Lots of “Oh man…” moments in your video.

  16. So spot on! I checked all the boxes. If I may add?… I’m experiencing huge spouts of joy and then a opposite swing of sadness. From one end of the spectrum to the next, emotionally. Thanks for another GREAT video! I’m saving and passing this one on to all on my list. You always explain things so well, most appreciated, thanks!!!! 🙏😁💖

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