Spirit Science Guy Slams Politicians on the Evolution of Consciousness

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This video was filmed at Spurrell and Associates live event "Beat the Odds at Business" in Edmonton, mid-November 2020. It was an amazing event, and I'm so grateful to Josh for having me out! Learn more about Spurrell and Associates at: https://spurrell.ca/

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    • @Spirit Science I should have worded it better I’m sorry I don’t mean you or the people in the video I mean a lot of political figures are more so the spokespeople and don’t have as much control over things as the media portrays

    • You know it’s like in Rome… History repeats itself again… When Jesus became a strong personality, everyone in power blamed him. After he was gone, everybody forgot about one person and suddenly it was about all these imagined individuals in power, scattering the focus on discomfort rather than on specific politicians, names. This time the power is within the reach of the simple people, but most of us do the exact same thing as those people did in Rome – dispersing the energy, instead of focusing it on specific individuals. It’s politicians again, and yesterday if was just one person that was to blame for everything that’s happening. A paradigm shift, so to speak. Just because one person… This energy in all of us, due to this exact lack of focus from everybody, disperses into nothingness and pure discomfort rather than attack those individuals (names) in power that actually do bad stuff. It’s happening again, and people don’t see the correlation. The energy becomes a nothingburger again. And when Donald comes back, it’s gonna repeat. Why? BECAUSE IT’S THE PEOPLE that are weak, not Trump. Reality is not in anyone’s mind. It’s actually happening. Those who think they’re changing reality just because they think with thoughts in specific frequency, actually change nothing. The new age philosophies softened people and they became faint, while imagining that they’re somehow strong. This world is about focus. Without it, without the pain, the focus never comes. Energy is just a concocted word. This world never needs energy, it IS force, strength, power of being. Then comes the energy from it. People, after this bs new age came to be (in weak souled that have the need to imagine they’re strong), suddenly think (since 2000 or something like that), chose the easier consciousness and brought it around, so they could explain their own lack of spiritual movement. Spirituality is not about energy, the energy is after the discomfort of power of focus. People are today convinced that it’s the other way around. They’re completely delusional and nothing can stop their future consciousness’ demise. They’re weak. Look at everyone stopped blaming a person for the world’s problems. Suddenly it’s the focus on ‘politicians’. There is no power here. There is just anger. And anger leads to error. That’s what I’m saying. And I’m 100% correct, I simply know I am. It’s not from me, it’s from understanding the spiritual environment. I don’t accept failure. I don’t accept people that say their stuff instead of hearing the painful truth out.
      Context is never important when it comes to consciousness. It’s still one consciousness, and reality doesn’t need it to be. It’s completely the other way around. It’s life that needs reality. And we must train. Not explain.
      Trump was never to be blamed for anything. It was the weak and the easiest to spiritually take paradigm that told us it’s the proper way to treat reality. Humans are so prone to misjudgement, I can’t even… That’s what happens every single time in human history. When there’s someone strong in what he does, leeches convince people to attack them, because those strong individuals seemingly confuse and take our freedoms. When all they do is move faster and better in life. It’s called leech energy. Something that’s from the inside, not outside. People think there’s energy outside that they should take in. And they don’t understand, especially the new age charlatans, that energy always comes from movement of force inside consciousness. They’re being fooled and taken in spiritual cages. It’s obvious there are some higher entities that want us prone to the darkest commands. They’re playing us like toys. There are also good entities, but they’re trying their best to help us. Unfortunately, humans are easy to convince of shallowness of the outside world. Then they forget about who they really are. That’s the journey we all take, from birth. No one said it’s gonna’ end well for everybody.

    • We must be very careful not to become energetical b****s ourselves, when meeting our own spiritual strength. We can’t just adhere to reality, reality is FOR us, and we create energy, not the other way around. What we focus on is clue. Not what we feel or import from cosmos. We give to cosmos, not the other way around. We are not puppets. And yet most of us choose the puppet way of being. Because it doesn’t hurt that way. And hurt is what makes us conscious of any changes in our spiritual organisms. Confronting someone is no way bringing fruits in the future. Becoming the fruit and going the painful path is the change the reality accepts on its spaceground. Reality doesn’t needs us, and this factor, this reason of why things are free in its initial state, is what humans don’t get. Humans think we’re logical. That reality needs us. No, WE need reality. Reality would be with or without us. Even and apple can be an observer. That’s not that easy to explain. And due to this consciousness error, some higher entities will always be higher than us. They don’t allows us to go higher, because we’re prone to repairing the easiest feelings, such as discomfort. We never see beyond it, when it comes to life. It’s like never ending survival state, yet we’re highly developed now. Someone is playing us and we still act like we knew everything that’s needed. No, we don’t. And that’s where the fight comes in. Without the fight, there’s YouTube videos and spreading misinformation.

    • Understanding and feeling wise atm is not the key. Understanding is just an arrow that shows the possible way. The key is fight. No soul goes beyond understanding when there’s no will of basic fight. Fight is not evil. People got the definition of fight the wrong way. So now they act like spiritual snails. We will never be developed spiritually if we think understanding things suffices. Acting upon them individually is what makes a human being conscious of what reality really is. A time to fight.

  1. Just getting the conversation started is a huge step forward. They might not be able to do anything today, but for sure everybody in that room was impacted by the conversation.

  2. That was honestly refreshing compared to the circus we’ve been dealing w the delivery from jordan and answers from the big guys

  3. yea I would love 15 minutes in a room with all these politicians and let spirit speak through me! I guarantee jaws on the floor and tears and clapping!! When spirit speaks through us it is so amazing and blows my own mind when I do it, lol!!

  4. My grandson turned me on to SS. He is heading to college in the Fall Wants to be an ENTREPRENEUR I love what you are doing, directing toward the spiritual for business-minded folks. Please promote your SPIRITUAL MONEY MASTERY and SPIRITUAL BUSINESS MASTERS teachings more and more on SS YOUTUBE. NEW WORLD NEEDS NEW THINKING. 👏👏👏👏

  5. As someone who works with municipalities, I would suggest that this type of change happens from the bottom up instead of the top down. City councils and planners are dealing with wicket problems that are difficult to solve while responding to the basic needs of the community. If you have a better vision for change run for a city position or continue to involve yourself in your community 🙂

  6. YESSS!! STANDING OVATION!!! I LOVED YOUR SPEECH!! IM ALL FOR ADVANCED CONSCIOUSNESS!!💯🔥❤💯🔥❤I Absolutely LOVED your speech!! Phenomenal points indeed!!

    Thank you!!

  7. I wish you lived in Minneapolis so we could meet and have a coffee mastermind at #MySynergyCafe ☮️

  8. Plain and simple, they are not thinking with their hearts. Sad. I still have hope for humanity!!! Never, ever give up!!! 🙏🕯🕊❤️

  9. Dude, you are awesome at this!! I’m not really surprised though been watching this channel for some time and watched you and your channel evolve as I was and helping me. Anyways you are great at speaking, narrating, creating, we need to send you on “Conscious Evolution” world tour!! love ya bro and much love to all who read this!

  10. I’m a Realtor From Utah, I’m excited for the Spiritual Business Mastery and spiritual money mastery as all Realtors are small business owners.

  11. Is a “confrontation” when one person speaks in vague terms and barely let’s the other person speak.

  12. I know (I think?) the inspiring background music was added in, lol, but it’s so perfect. I love the conviction in your voice.

  13. You should be proud of yourself Jordan!! I appreciate you and your efforts my friend.

  14. Your talking raised a amazing energy of inspiration, I could feel it. Immediately when the other guy starts talking, that energy starts dropping down. He seems scared, and them he tried to give a excuse to keep the system as it is now. He seems legitimate scared, like even if he want that, he doesn’t believe that’s possible. I guess it’s a good point for us to focus, how to change this believe that conciousness and spirituality can’t have a place in major governments. Because it should. We need it to happen

    Until that, I hope you continue with your work and courage, cause I’ll meet you there someday.

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