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Everyday we are bombarded with a lot of information. We read the content on our social media feeds and email and text messages. But how many of us read books and novels every day? According to Jim Kwik, memorization helps you focus on retaining information and learn speed reading techniques.

In this powerful talk, Jim Kwik explains you can learn how to focus on any topic you put your mind to. He adds that when you show excitement and curiosity on a particular subject, it greatly improves memorization.

In this video, "Speed Learning: Learn In Half The Time," Jim Kwik teaches you how to tap into your speed learning superpowers so that you can learn anything in half the time. He uses this simple, yet effective approach called FAST.

00:12 How can we learn faster?
02:18 What is long-term memory?
03:52 Stan Lee "With great power comes great responsibility"

Along with unlocking your Super Brain, Jim Kwik’s teachings that are based on speed learning techniques, motivates you to learn more in a shorter amount of time. Just imagine if you’re taking a class or in school. If you read faster in a shorter amount of time, you could read more books or related topics to your class.

“Speed Learning: Learn In Half The Time” with Jim Kwik is more than just about ways on how to focus, but maximizing your personal growth. The more knowledge you retain on a daily basis, the more your curiosity grows as a person.

Learn how to focus on studying and speed reading techniques in Jim Kwik’s FREE masterclass
👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/Superbrain

Once labeled “The boy with the broken brain,” Jim Kwik is now the world’s leading expert in memory improvement and brain performance. He is a powerful Brain Coach for Hollywood superstars, top universities, Fortune 500 organizations, and global visionaries Stan Lee, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk.

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    • Can anyone please help me by telling how to use my time when i am at train now i am reading engineering text book but i feel quite difficult to understand so want this time(time on train) to improve my knowledge what are your suggestions please help me

    • He’s right, and I can relate because I’m an English teacher. In my experiences, it’s mostly been relearning grammar. Even more so, learning fun and active ways to teach and learn grammar which many people hate to learn.

    • @Feralz It is morning in my country, I got to say thank you!! You add something to my way of seeing the world (Even though unconsciously I guess I knew I wasn’t doing the effort)

  1. How come some people dislike this kind of videos, it is very informative and it is free teaching, I appreciate it a lot..thank you Jim Kwik😇😊😉

    • Don’t worry these people are probably dumb and uneducated and gangster or dropouts who refuses teaching and education .

    • People want learn this technique fast,, forget /active senses/state(emotions +passion +information) /teach(share)

    • @Barrelius Nois Why the hell did people like this comment??? :/

  2. You got to know that when it comes from an Asian, you’ve got the real deal there

  3. This is the only guy in the media who actually knows the basic fundamentals of psychology, instead of those motivational speakers feeding you pseudo science. – Psych graduate.

    • @Brainbuster Did you ever think that maybe he says the same because it is proven to have worked in the past? What experience do you have with these concepts and execution? If you’re disclaiming these concepts please enlighten us and show us the way. 🙂

    • @Brainbuster No matter how he get the info or where he get it from, if you actually learn something and made some sense with the content, then it’s not necessary since Kwik’s point is to spread it to people who doesn’t know about it :/

  4. Forgot about your limitations because you don’t know what you don’t know <3

  5. F forget (forget what you already know about subject )
    A Active ( take notes and ask questions )
    S State (current mood , information + emotion becomes long term memory )
    T Teach it to somebody else

    • @priyabrata rath Thank for your recap of video


      Effective learning : be aware of F.A.S.T, apply it to yourself.

      F – FORGET (What you know already, start from scratch…)
      when you create a whole memory from start to finish you build it like a house on foundations , the foundations you choose hence you remember all of it holistically not peice by peice
      A – ACTIVE (be an active participant as the best learning technique)
      Google “Pyramid of learnings”…2 types of learning style
      non participatory (NP) vs participatory Style (PS).
      Least effective is NP (reading watching listening being shown),
      Most effective is PS (discussing practicing teaching)…all are active styles
      PS counts for >75% of your learning success !!
      S – STATE (your state has a big effect on how you learn)
      Being happy you are closer to being in the zone where you are listening better with focus
      Being unhappy or upset you are distracted further from being in the zone further from listening at your best (with focus)
      Combine a ( positive ) emotion to facts and you commit to long term memory. Conversely…
      Combine repetition to facts and you commit to short term memory
      T – TEACH ( 80-20 rule, learning yourself acquires 80% of the subject, teaching to someone else acquires the last 20% of the subject, the hardest bit)
      Teaching reinforces what you learn and fills in the gaps you hadn’t thought of.
      As Jim Kwik says “Teach and you learn it twice”

      By sharing I’ve completed my teaching component of how to learn effectively.

      Learning facts…using ‘House of Loki’ next (better known as The Memory Palace).
      – learn anything like ‘a story’s exactly as you would recount your holiday to someone…a series of facts or events
      – with LOKI ensure the story is in repeating steps : person journey person journey etc. If you remember a long series of playing cards…you don’t lose yourself if you know the next card must be a journey type card or a person type card.
      – the fact (card) you remember as a short journey (a memorable hop from room to room…just like your holiday story) or person (a memorable object)
      – Google YT video “Jimmy Carr astonished by Nick Mohomeds card trick”…for impressive example of House Of Loki!!

      Enjoy !

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  6. I played this video at 2x Speed and i learned to learn in a quarter of the time

    • Hey I have bought jim kwik kwik student course . Its 597$ . But now I had finished it . I want to sell it . Contact me whatsapp +977-9821301720. I will give u it in 95% off

    • @alluri pranitha Hey I have bought jim kwik kwik student course . Its 597$ . But now I had finished it . I want to sell it . Contact me whatsapp +977-9821301720. I will give u it in 95% off

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  8. “Empty your cup so that it may be filled. Become devoid to gain totality. ”
    – Bruce Lee

  9. 1. Forget everything you know about the concept and start learning as if you don’t know anything.
    2. Get yourself in a excited to learn mindset by looking at your heroes and remembering why you’re learning this in the first place.
    3. Actively engage with the material by asking questions or taking great notes, keep in mind as if you’re going to teach it later because that forces you to learn in properly
    4. Then actually teach the material. Even if it’s out loud to your self.

    • @poopoo winniethepooh ok then you don’t deserve to be here..go see Logan Paul entertainment videos kid..

    • Hey I have bought jim kwik kwik student course . Its 597$ . But now I had finished it . I want to sell it . Contact me whatsapp +977-9821301720. I will give u it in 95% off

    • @Supporter Of Truth no man if u want then u can contact me . i bought it . Now I want to sell it in very large discount .

  10. I would add something to it. Exercise and Review so it’s:

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