Soul Primer: Building Blocks of the Soul

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In this dynamic conversation with Deepak Chopra, Cate Schultz shares her story about her innate guide abilities and her journey to writing her unique book, Soul Prime regardless of age, socio‐economic level, or spiritual background.

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As the eighth of twelve children, Cate was dropped into the deep end of the people‐pool, where she began developing her keen observations of humanity.

After 40 years in the work desert, doing things like pounding glass in a recycling facility, teaching French, and owning both a multi‐million‐ dollar medical company and a super‐fun flight school (simultaneously!), she settled down to writing about the important stuff: empowering people to step into their best lives.

Her first book, Silent Sky, (by Cate Mighell, 2013) is a legal‐lite mystery featuring a fearless attorney in the beginning stages of being a female Jane Bond. Although readers are begging for the sequel, she detoured to write Soul Primer, Building Blocks of the Soul (2020), a best‐selling kindle release, to help our world evolve, as it so needs to do for survival.

Cate enjoys her three large sons, singing in an all‐girl ukulele band, memories of flying aerobatics in an Alpha Jet, and banging on her Shamanic drum. She is currently working on Soul Primer II from her waterfront sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Thank you Deepak from my heart, you introduced me to meditation quite a while ago and through ,that I have been able to stay “afloat” and even become stronger and more resilient during these recent times. I could not have done it on my own 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕🌎🌏🌍🌱

    • I love this comment. Meditation has been the source of life transformation for me, as well as a source of so many downloads of wisdom and inspiration that arise from it (It was my go-to solution if ever I got stumped in how to best write about a concept in this book). And so, what you say, Julia, is so true. Plus a bit of a paradox . . . because you are right, we cannot do it on our own, and yet is up to each of us to do it on our own, together 🙂 Lots of love. Cate

  2. Happy New Year..!! 🙏, you are Both pioneers Of the pathway to Spiritual Enlightenments , and Equanimity. Blessings. Lots , and Lots “ I bow to you both.”

    • Thank you Elwood. After writing this book, I went through and noted that each of the 26 concepts teach skills that, indeed, lead to the four boundless energies of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. These are steps we can all take to further our journey to that state of enlightenment. Many blessings, Cate

  3. Such a fantastic conversation.I feel like all the limitations are blown away.Thank you

    • Thanks Christina. Great comment because, in fact, the second precept of Shamanism is “There are no limits” – there are no limits to what we can do and, if we choose, we can change the rules of the game from war and divisiveness to peace and love. We just need enough of us on board to change the world. Lots of love to you! Cate

    • Yes, from my last name, you can tell I have German heritage, although my family has been in America for centuries now. I also am part French and part Irish 🙂 However, I do not classify myself (or anyone) by these types of tags (as I talk about in “I is for Identity”) – I believe we are one family, regardless of race, religion, ancestry or lifestyle preferences. My message is one of unity, love, and peace amongst all beings. Blessings! Cate

  4. I haven’t heard Deepak get down and talk spirtually technical in a long time. I do miss the hard core material touched on like the perspective of presence, moments in time, identity, infinite being, etc. This is the timeless material we can listen to over and over and over and then listen some more. Thank You Deepak for being on the leading edge, from early on, giving us the digital productions of your passion.

    • Thanks for this comment! I have to say that I prepped for a conversation based more on the book, and its intended purpose in transforming the world. So, I had not anticipated that we would go straight into such an abstract conversation…. That said, these thoughts are completely aligned with my beliefs, and I delighted in the opportunity to have the type of deep discussion that I don’t have often in my everyday life. Love love, Cate

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