Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form

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* ABOUT Sonic Geometry the Movie *

Throughout history, numerous clues and hints regarding geometry and frequency have been staring at us, calling to us, and waiting for us to put them into place like pieces of a giant puzzle. Here at the dawn of a new age, this sonic-geometric puzzle is finally nearing completion, revealing the building blocks of a language based on energy, frequency, and form.
How will we use it? With whom will we be communicating? Now that we know the basics of this new language, maybe we are ready to begin the conversation…. again?

(This Video has been cut for youtube requirements, please stay tuned for a full 11:11 minute version of the sonic tones! Thank you for watching…)

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A Newman Media Presentation
An Aquarian Message Production

"Sonic Geometry"
by Eric Rankin

Edited & Directed by Alanna Luna

Executive Producer Grant Newman

Visual Effects & Artistic Rendering
Newman Media

NASA Johnson Space Center
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Sky Effects by Artbeats

3D Polygons Created by Cyp
Wikimedia Commons

Song Credits

"My Big Bang" – Velvet Pancakes
Alanna Luna Records 2011

"Sonic Geometry Tones"
E. Rankin/R. Rankin/Luna
Recorded at Ryan Rankin Studios

Special Thanks
Aunt Edna
Milton Luna
Rhonda Brown
Kathy and James Kamper
Larry Harvey
Shea Hincher
Jason Michael Henson
Christy Noel Feddersen
Gary Christmas
Kamaka Pahinui
Michelle Anderson
Napoleon Reyes
David Jefferey
David O'Neal

Also the staff & members of:

Museum of Natural History

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory & Johnson Space Center
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab

The Integratron
Awakening Code Radio
Wikimedia Commons
The City of Calgary
The Love Company
Legions of Light Healers
KX 93.5 Laguna's Only FM
11:11 Awakening Code Facebook Group

Footage filmed with:
EESA Space Telescope
The Hubble Wide-field Camera 3

Final Sound Mix Recorded at
Newman Media Studios
In Tucson, Arizona

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  1. “If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

  2. Sorry everyone! I had to ban some crazy people that were getting annoying. We don’t have an indie-gogo page, that is just something cool we found that correlates with the 432 paradigm shift.I am removing the link as they attained their goal! Thank you for helping them. Everyone involved with this project has donated their time and energy. We have no agenda at all. Any sales or money produced by this video are merely covering expensed already incurred creating the video. It took over 2 years to create and hundreds of hours and production dollars. PLEASE STOP ALL HARASSING COMMENTS NOW. THIS IS A PLACE OF LOVE & PEACE. IF YOU HAVE HATE IN YOUR HEART THEN KINDLY LEAVE MY PAGE. 

    • @Alanna Luna Keep up the GREAT WORK and try to ignore those ingnorant fools. This is mind expanding and spiritually uplifting to watch. Thank you.

    • so my last four of my ss is 4032. i was born on sept 9th. 9-9. i have nine letters between my first and middle name and nine in my last name. my liscense plate happens to be 27 27. anyone think ive been marked?

    • @Matt Wojnowski In this context it is not relevant for we are discussing significance of numbers concerning tone and vibration. You are trying to pass everything off as insignificant. That would be a slap in the face of Pythagoras. Why don’t you run off to explore subject matter that interests you instead of being a troll?

    • @Alanna Luna Thank you for creating this! I enjoyed this video alot, and wish to hear more from you soon. Subbed and Liked ^^.

    • +Matt Wojnowski and you posted it on 5-22…. 5+2+2….. you should have waited a year though because 2015 is only 8.

  3. @ 20:52 he states in India (or according to the Hindu) large periods of time are called kali Yuga, which are 432,000 years long… The Kali yuga is a specific period of time,  The fourth cycle of a Kalpa,There are  4 great divisions of a kalpa, each called a Yuga’  a Kalpa is an “ON”  cycle of the human dance, which is said to last 4,320,000 years. Followed by another kalpa, or off period called pralya (peace,univolvement, pure bliss).  The first cycle (perfection) is called the Krita yuga, or Satya yuga, it is said to run for 1,728,000 years, the second period, the Treta Yuga (small elements of evil and decay),  runs for 1,296,000 years.  The third period or.. Dvapara yuga (equal balance of good and evil)  runs for 864,000 years. The final period, the Kali Yuga, running for 432,000 years is where the power of evil and destruction takes over.  i am not stating this as a correction, rather the numbers associated with each yuga and the 4,320,000 year period of a Kalpa further intrigue what has already been touched upon.  For example the Krita yuga Of 1,728,000 years devided  by 12 = 1,440,000 years or devide by 60 = 28,800 or twice 14,400 or half of 57,600. IN MY Opinion,  Numerology is indeed a fascinating methodology of reverse engineering,  these numbers can be found anywhere we look because this is how the universe expresses itself in psychical form.  These frequencies are not the result of the geometric shapes, or sizes of celestial bodies, and speeds of light, but rather the other way around,  geometry, the solar system, the atom, are all expressions or manifestations of frequency in a physical universe. 

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments. It is amazing indeed how these numbers reveal themselves, no matter if you start with frequency or the other way around. It does feel like the universe has been leaving us clues to the nature of All.

  4. “Coincidence is Gods way of staying anonymous” Albert Einstein (opening quote)
    So is ambiguity.

  5. When you place sand, & other materials on a metal table or platform, then apply a sonic wave to the table at a certain frequency as stated in the video, the sand will start to create a pattern that is nearly identical to the human neural structure. Which is a fractal. Which is the exact pattern that stars make across the cosmos. A fractal. Nearly all matter we can see is based upon a fractal pattern. Imagine the human neural network,..with all of it’s web-like extensions & axons. This is a fractal. This is what sound creates when applied to matter. We are NOT alone. We were created by something.

    • Thanks for watching and for your thoughtful comment, Kendra. Stay tuned for “Sonic Geometry 2” coming out later this year!

  6. Our universe is created by sound acting upon matter that exsists within a bio-supportive medium ( dark matter ). Gravity is merely “part of ” that medium. It allows the waves to gain equilibrium when acting upon the matter. i.e. ( allows the waves to stay intact, or correct,  in space-time).  And thereby gives matter its correct shape. The sound causes matter to obtain it’s particular shape depending upon the matter+frequency formula. This is why our universe is considered to be so “fine-tuned”. Only a particular frequency applied to a particular medium can create a bio-supportive universe. Some of this theory I have may be skewed, but I have not finished experimenting. And this was just a brisk explanation. 

    • It’s a good explanation, Kendra! And funny that you should mention “Equilibrium,” which we will be delving into in “Sonic Geometry 2.” Thanks for watching and commenting. And keep experimenting!

      Author and narrator of the video

    • Thanks Chris! We appreciate you watching…. and sharing? 😉 We are currently in production of “Sonic Geometry 2 – Communicating with the Universe,” which should debut in fall. Stay tuned!

  7. Mind blowing.

    So the universe was made with music.
    Sounds like music to my ears.

  8. I am a hip hop artist who learned about tuning my music to 432hz yesterday for healing properties… I came across this video and noticed that the city skyline that is shown in the beginning is the city of Calgary…. which is where I reside…. also after reading the quote in the beginning……. this must not be a coincidence…

  9. You would be familiar with the number 432 (432hz etc) theorised by Pythagoras, Davinci, Tesla and many other geniuses, check this!

    432×432=speed of light per sec
    432×200=seconds in a day
    432×2000=diameter of sun
    432×5=diameter of moon
    432×3=speed of sound through granite
    432×60=procession of equinox

    The bible is scattered with physics and mathematical parables.

    Revelation 13:18 (mark of the beast) 13×18=234 (432 backwards) 234+432=666 the mark of man. 6x6x6=216 man is one octave below god (according to Pythagoras)

    216×2= 432 (the number of God according to Pythagoras)


    Saturn 108,000 km polar diameter (99.3%)
    Saturn 10,800 day orbital period (99.6%)
    Venus 108 million km orbital distance (99.8%)
    Earth 108,000 km/hour orbital velocity (99%)
    Sun’s diameter is approximately 108 Earth diameters (99%)
    Earth averages 108 solar diameters from the Sun (99.5%)
    Moon averages 108 lunar diameters from the Earth (98%)
    Moon 2160 mile diameter (99.9%)
    Earth 21,600 nautical mile meridian circumference (99.99%)
    Jupiter 4,320 day orbital period (99.7%) Mars 4,320 mile diameter (98%) 432 x 432 = the speed of light in miles/sec (99.8%)
    Sun 864,000 mile diameter (99.8%)
    Jupiter 86,400 mile diameter (99.4%)
    Earth day 86,400 seconds (100%) WP CC-BY-SA-3.0

    Speed of Sound in Granite
    The speed of sound through granite rock at room temperature (about 72 degrees) is 12,960 feet per second. Comment – Sound waves need some type of matter as a carrier. Their speed is affected by the density and temperature of the substance through which they travel. At higher temperatures the speed of sound increases. This particular measurement (3 x 432), ties a primary property of stone to the cosmic geometry symbolized by the number 432. Coupled with the known power of acoustics to modify the physical properties of substances (see, for example acoustic fluidization), this measurement suggests intriguing links between sound, stones, and the number 432. This is of particular interest given the widespread legends and mystery concerning the methods used to construct ancient cyclopean megaliths, in which acoustic levitation was most likely used to lift stones up to 1000 tons in weight.

    Height Ratio of the Great Pyramid
    The height and perimeter of the Great Pyramid are in a ratio of 43,200 to the radius and circumference of the Earth. Take the original height of the pyramid (481.3949 feet) and multiply it by 43,200, the quotient is 3938.685 miles. The modern measurement for the actual polar radius of the Earth (pole to center) is 3949 miles. Also, if you take the perimeter of the pyramid at its base (3023.16 feet) and multiply this number by 43,200 you get 24,734.94, within 170 miles of the equatorial circumference of the Earth (24,902 miles). The error is less than one percent. Furthermore, the length of the base of the Pyramid of Cheops is exactly the distance the Earth rotates at the equator in one half-second of time.

    Comment – Civilized Egyptians were considering the nature of the cosmos for going on 5,000 years before the pyramid was built. Our own technical civilization started around the period of the Industrial Revolution, 150 to 200 years ago; and is not focused, by and large, on inquiries into cosmic geometry. The Great Pyramid was clearly designed to embody ages of knowledge of cosmic and mathematical proportion in a single sacred structure that would last for all time. A key number embodied in this structure is 432

    Only the tip of the iceberg.

  10. Discovering the A=432 hz tuning has been like discovering music all over again. As a musician myself, the 1st time i heard of this i admit i was sceptical but i tuned my guitar from A=440 hz to A=432 hz and it was an emotional experience. Instead of hearing the music in my head i could FEEL it coming through my heart. Now my music is exclusively in the A=432 hz frequency and i don’t care what anybody says to the contrary, i KNOW it is true 🙂

    • Tash lets start the band or a edm group focusing on the frequency and vibration…where are you located?

    • Society has tried to use fear and disinformation to keep people from true, accessible spiritual truth and power:
      joyofsatan (.) org
      josministries (.) prophpbb (.) com
      The truth is often shocking, but those willing to seek it with an open mind can find it and be free from the lies.

  11. Nine is the number of months of human gestation, holy since Paleolithic times.  9 x 3 is the number of days (not including the last night) of the lunar cycle.  This was known by proof of physical evidence fro the Ukraine at least 26K-32K ago.  432 is the number of days it takes to wean a human child, and thus the conception point of the next child in the natural human lifecycle that dominated our evolution.  Women founded religion based on their insight into the rhythms of human reproduction, aka the miracle of life, and the cycles that controlled the heavenly bodies.  Women realized the connection between gestation, menstruation, weaning time, and the movements of the moon, the sun, and the transit of Venus (which is base 4) 3 x 4 = 12. 12 x 5 = 60. 3 is the basis of 9 which is the basis of menstruation and gestation. 4 is the basis of Venus transit and the conception of a new child, which is the man’s role, hence the number 4 belongs to male deities and 3 belongs to female deities.  Venus is the planet of love because her transit is the marker of new children being made. One transit of Venus was the reproductive life of a family in the Old System., before we wandered out of Eden. Guess what – the molecular number of Carbon, the basis of life, is 12.

  12. This kind of knowledge was allways there and will allways be there, but it is just understood by a few. The core of it is knowing WHY you have to be silent about it..its some kind of inner (r)evolution. you cant mess with it..never…Each thing you are teaching others is a believe-system and isnt based on own experience so it will never be understood completely be the sudents. each individuum has to go its very own way. we are creators of our own reality, wich means we are very responsible for what we are doing and we never can know what is good for others (other realities). that leads you to perfect harmony and understanding of god and complete love to everything. More cant be said…

    • FollowTheHolyTrinity awesome! i feel like I’m on a path, my own spiritual path, and it is amazing how i seem to come across just the right information at the right time to learn the next most relevant information, in order, so i can move onto, or rather be guided to, the next most relevent information and on and on leading me down my path to wholeness.

    • Dont make much sense, lot is not completely understood, or even verified, but still its pushed in your way, some dont want us to be creators, and silent about some and loud about other. Your belief in the modern system makes a mess of God and Good.

  13. my 9 year old daughter said the most wonderful thing while watching this. what if they were all build by sound… , has science thought of that mom?

  14. Nikola Tesla — ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’
    3 6 9

  15. am I the only who has noticed that these numbers are common pixel resolutions used in video cameras or tv/monitor displays? 720, 1080, 1440, etc..

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