Something Big Is Happening And It’s About to Change Humans Forever. – INFINITE WATERS #1

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  1. Glad to be a part of the awakened tribe 🙂 Feels so good to be alive and one among the warriors!

  2. we live in two worlds;
    one, the natural world created by the universe so that all natural beings live in harmony with each other and with the planet.
    The other is the artificial construct made by the ego, governed by the inorganics ones under civil/Roman law to cease all natural resources and enslave the human race.

    • 🌞✊🏿Giving Thanx every single day..Peace Love Light🤲🏿♥️🧜🏿‍♀️🌀🔥🔥🌟📿📿

    • But bro i have doubt… Will humans be convert into machine or zombie… I’m sure it’s either of them or maybe even hybrid : Artificially controlled Bot Zombie 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Something great is unfolding for you!
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    • The educated one’s are being indoctrinated by the inorganic ones.🧛‍♂️💨To police the rest of society through medical martial law.

  4. This is what a lot of people been saying but nothing has changed. False Prophecies?

  5. I swear I saw a zombie early this morning and it was scary asf! Now, I know some people get high and drunk, but this guy was even moving like a zombie. It was something out of “Return of the Living Dead!” I was terrified!

    • I did too kn the beach.. what a trip!! Literally moved like a zombie

    • @Ivonne Benitez you have to understand, I know the difference between someone on meth, heroine, dope, crack etc. as I’m from Baltimore. But, this was like no other I have ever seen before.

    • @Occult Gems Says he was dark and his eyes looked like he hadn’t slept in days, his mouth was opened, his clothes were slightly tattered, and he was walking over a bridge in a rocking motion with his back hunched. He fit the full description of a zombie. As I drove past him, I could feel dark energies surrounding him and it was so intense. Out of all the years of me living in Baltimore, I have never seen anything like that, not even a bum or a junkie could match what he was giving off. Now, he could’ve been on something, but I honestly felt like he was possessed. And what made it even creepier is the fact that it was early in the morning but cloudy as the clouds were about to give way to a thunderstorm.

  6. Bendiciones . Amor, libertd, paz ,gratitud, armonía, empatía y humildad. Thanks Ralph . 💖🕊💫🇲🇽

  7. Ralph could you teach me how you made this video with the special affects?

  8. Thank you so much Ralph. This stream was DEFINITELY & strictly for the real deep divers! No time was wasted with the truth❤️ PEAAAAAAACE!

  9. Remember this is YOUR reality game.
    Everything here is created by YOU & for YOU.
    Every challenge – every good thing – every bad thing – every person – every dream … FOR YOU.
    No accidents.
    Pay close attention.
    Especially to recurring themes.
    What are they? Why? Where are the lessons? Did you learn? Did you adopt the changes in your life?
    What is more important than LEARNING what you came here to learn, BEING the better version of you that you came here to be?
    With all the crazy going on around us it’s easy to forget why we’re here, and WHY THINGS HAPPEN.
    I forget all the time my role in what I perceive as “reality.”
    It’s time to man up & be THE HERO you were meant to be.
    THE HERO’S JOURNEY (IMO) is soon coming to an end.
    Time’s not an accident either, it’s purpose is to create urgency & awareness.
    So, saddle up, get uncomfortable & remember it was never supposed to be easy.
    Stay safe & start over OR … GO BIG & LEVEL UP.
    Always keep your eyes on the prize … YOUR PURPOSE.
    Good luck everyone … MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR! 🙂

  10. Thank you Ralph Smart… you are one of the other voices that kryon speaks of….. keep up the good work shadowworker…from a middle world worker…talk about the difference between lightworker…shadow workers and middle world workers …PLEEASE

  11. I turned on my television & saw the airports crowded this 4th of July weekend. People are flying again to visit family & friends. I went up the street saw a large crowd of people going into a big auditorium. No masks.

    • So what they don’t care about mask anymore because the mask did the job it was just a symbol in the first place its to late they put restrictions a lots of jobs required vaccine the world is not the same anymore and don’t forget Europe is fucked Canada fucked no more freedom there and here comes slowly if people think they will live u alone u wrong not even close u just a leech for them and is time to get rid of them. Ralph is right abou everything.

  12. Ralph, I am forever infinitely grateful for your mind and heart, your response ability and perseverance, your honesty and integrity! Thank you for sharing your truth! I don’t feel alone in my thinking when I hear your mind and heart

  13. Humans are behaving more like animals than humans

  14. David Icke I have followed since the Terry Wogan show , has been spot on with what’s going on in the world too Ralph

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