So… We’re Not Alone…

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Hi, my name is Justin, and I am a metaphysical teacher and long time observer. I study Quantum Physics, Quantum Jumping, the Law Of Attraction, and the nature of reality. Let's explore this magnificent dimension together…

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  1. Exciting times we are living in. You all are much appreciated and very loved family

  2. We’re gonna keep creating. We are a lot closer than we appear to be. As a collective we are growing

    • Wishing so, not sure Dear… they will say we have to get united as planet Earth, a unique global government to “protect” ourselves from outer space “terrible aliens”. And that’s how they will get the world in fear and implant that “world order” with our permission! Listen to Justin and listen what I’m telling.

  3. This is fun. Nothing to be afraid of. Be the best, eff the rest.

  4. I love how you know that something is up too all woke peeps are

  5. Manipulation through Lies to Control The Free Will of Decision by Skewing the Information needed for Decision.

  6. Lies are more believable & harder to dispute when stamped with an official seal.

  7. “They” have to constantly push fear to keep control of the minds/energy.

  8. There is only the Here & Now. Everything else is just memories & imagination that wants to take us away from our Eternal Now Presence!

    • The now is nothingness.
      Nothingness renders you less than human.
      Get off that evil eastern mythology.

    • Conscious Awareness is pure Nothingness. Nothingness is unlimited, boundless, intangible, timeless, immeasurable, eternal, unexplainable. You are either limited or you are unlimited! You are free to limit yourself all you want!

    • @Dion Trujillo
      Nothing is nothing, it is void, a vacuum.
      Nothingness is nothing.
      Nothingness is worthlessness.
      Worthlessness is less than human.
      Any spiritual philosophy that leads to to a state of being less than human is an evil philosophy.
      Perhaps its one you need n deserve on a personal level.
      If so, have it, by your own measure.

  9. The government is scarier than the aliens, I never watch the news… I’ll continue to keep my vibes high ✨💛.

  10. You don’t advance to 5-6 Dimensional beings if you are violent. Purer energy is not of negative energy. We need to protect ourselves from our own kind.

  11. ” Who controls the media, who controls the narrative”… that’s why they have the power!!! Our power!!! Well, not mine neither yours… All this is a big theatre! Truman show!! And we are their puppets who live in the ignorance!!! At least there is a few persons like you, dear Justin, who understand! Blessings

  12. They say there are 7 continents but I can guarantee there is an infinite amount of land. The earth is bigger then what we believe. It has no end point.

    • I think that’s highly likely, very possible, but what about using simple triangulation to reveal the shape of the surface of the earth? Even normal people, with some trouble yes and lots of effort yes, could use three or more points and triangulation to discover and verify the shape of the earth’s surface themselves. Who knows though… maybe that would show it isn’t a finite ball after all, and maybe it really just is as simple as no one bothers to check.

  13. It has to be very egotistical of humans to really believe that we’re the ONLY life forms in the WHOLE universe.

  14. They won’t even tell us common knowledge I’m not going to hold my breath👍✌💖

  15. If you want to live a truly happy life, forget all the self-help books, seminars, retreats, detoxes, college degrees, etc. Just throw away your telly in the bin!! Worked for me just fine…🖕📺

    • So true. I gave up cable tv oct 1st 2016 when i lived in vegas and the planned event happened

    • #MeToo
      Since I got rid of my TV there has been no voices telling me to kill people & since then Ive not been back to the psyche ward or prison, not even for one day !

  16. Whatever is coming is already here and has been here from the beginning. We are only on this earth for a short time to experience life as it is at this present moment in this present time. We have no control over what is to come just as we had no control over what has already been. Live your life and educate yourself about how to achieve balance and peace within yourself…this you have control over, instead of wasting your time and energy contemplating about the aspects of life that you have no control over. Its pointless wasting your precious life energy when tomorrow is not guaranteed.

    • You make sense but but not all wonder n trivia is useless, it exercises the mind n spirit n increases your potential.
      Without it yer living in a cave, but a tidy, nice cave that you have given all yer attention n energy to.

  17. Thumbs up!!!
    I haven’t watched the news since I owned a TV in 2005. Whoever controls the media, controls the minds. They create problems to get reactions that they want, so they can play out their solution. Problem reaction solution. Jordan Maxwell and David Icke discussed this for decades. Just observe while not getting sucked in. It’s all a game. Learn the game of life. Be the best YOU can be. Protect your energy. Yes I would see articles online but nothing that I worry about. I choose to be informed not inundated. Justin, You are very on point with not filling your cup with fear. My home I keep quiet, I stay in my little bubble. And I feel at PEACE.
    YES, there are beings that live on this planet, Argatha, and Telos… and living inside the earth…. YES, that is why the magnetic north and south poles are looking covered on satellites and there are no fly zones around there. It’s true. I learned about this back in 2010.

    Where focus goes,
    energy flows,
    and results show.

  18. I started to observe my thoughts. Everytime when i observe negative thoughts….. because i get distracted even unconsciously. I change my thoughts in positive ….. it’s working.

  19. Why the paranoia….? Yes, something is coming for you. You’re manifesting the ominous event.

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