So Conspiracy Theory of Everything was BANNED….

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Watch the full movie and tons of bonus content:

EDIT- CTOE is now also on Bitchute:

This morning I learned that our movie "The Conspiracy Theory of Everything" was officially banned from Youtube… We were wondering if that was ever gonna happen, it seemed, at last, the tables have turned.

We have appealed the claim and will re-upload a new edition in the near future if it is denied. Stay tuned! In the meantime, watch an HD version that not even YT can see using this link:

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  1. i honestly expected it to be banned when i first watched it since the media doesn’t want people to watch things like this so i’m not surprised. the documentary really opened my eyes and i was planning on watching it again soon :/

  2. we are so much more powerful than them. they can’t hide the truth!

  3. I’m glad I watched the videos as you were posting them because I had a feeling they were going to take them down. Thanks for putting it out there any ways cause I very much enjoyed it.

  4. Why is religion so afraid of spirituality that they go through Great lakes to block it

  5. Dude I just found it yesterday and was only half way through! WOW 🥺

  6. They just don’t want us to think about anything but spending money, picking sides or watching porn 🙄

    • @Arch Crypto i didnt mention Kardashians. i really dont care about them lol

    • @Carrot i never said i trusted the goverment. and which goverment do you mean? american? im not american lol

    • @Terje sheep don’t know they’re sheep. If your stance on information and testimony that gets the conspiracy labeled slapped on it is just that they are all stupid, you’re a fucking sheep. You are flat our disregarding information before you even ingest it. It’s literally the equivalent of putting your hands on your ears and yelling “LA LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU”

      If there is one thing I’ve learned in 20 years of customer service, stupid people have no idea they’re stupid. And if we’re going to just go ahead and address the elephant in the room, nobody takes anything people with anime profile pictures say seriously anyway.

  7. Hey Jordan, why dont you upload it to some torrents site or send it to your fan email list.

    Let the information get to the people, regardless how much they want to silence you

  8. That documentary was great! You didn’t even claim that any of it was true, you were just sharing what people were saying

  9. I think there are enough people that have been harassed now (“pegged” 😂🤣) that we can organize a huge class action lawsuit against Alphabet, Google , YouTube. I constantly get comments removed that absolutely don’t violate any guidelines/policy.

  10. It’s becoming more and more apparent that we need decentralized platforms for this reason. So much censorship going on from Big Tech.

    • Censorship is important. Being an African American has shown me that. I see your point but if you understood the hateful and vile things people “believe is right” or “believe they have the right to say”. You’d be singing a different tune. Now that they are censoring white people, y’all want to speak up. Okay. Message received. People aren’t mentally sound through out our country. That’s the reality of it.

    • @Justin Time yes but that is a hard concept. because …truth sometimes is painful. and by having censorship, means that someone has the power to censor. what makes to say that that power will not be hurt by some truth, and so you have lost access to truth. What I am trying to say is that we as humans should trust our individualities and our comunities that will not be completely corrupted and that when some people, like the situation you describe, end up having vile things they believe in, people will come and speak up and protect the truth. this being a “decentralised way of doing things”. but if you put someone in particular to handle that, it can become corrupted, and more pain and trouble might come from that. Not saying majorities or etc cannot be corrupted, but from what I see there is absolutely no idealistic way about it. But the non-ideal, better solution here is to not have a center for censorship and to let societies and people handle information. Group vs group at least comes from a place of equality. Centralised power vs group leads to tyranny and the opressed groups are more influncable by an authoritive figure. Hope I was able to explain properly since I find this topic quite complex and quite hard to put in words what is in my head

  11. I had 48 minutes left I literally was just searching my liked videos and history to go back to my spot on the video and finish the rest and it literally disappeared. So I lurked your page and now I’m here lol .

    • Bro same !! Like did anyone screen record it cause I barley into it .

  12. JUST WANNA SAY: the word *conspiracy* is a buzzword to be looked into by YouTube and therefore will be banned.

  13. Welcome to fifth generational warfare, I was a lovey dovey new age kid once, they made me into the bread and pooposting monster I am today, ladies and gentlemen.

  14. They banned Out Of Shadows & that had close to 25M views, people are waking up & they can’t stop us all realizing what’s really going on.😁 power to humanity!

    • Power Of the people 💪 and For the people…
      ai and the robots that control them are going DOWN!!!

    • @King P it’s a film that was made to expose H*llywood, C*A, politicians, entertainment industry, & who controls the media. They made sure to put up the video on their own website too because they knew it would get deleted. outofshadows . org is where the video is

  15. Thankfully I saw it a few months ago but now that’s it’s banned I just have to watch it all over again. Heading to spirit mysteries now!

  16. You’re not alone, I’ve watch so many other creator’s looking to leave youtube because of this.

  17. You are contributing to the current mass awakening. The brotherhood of the snake prohibits it ❤️

  18. It’d be really nice if the videos get uploaded on Spotify as podcasts so that everyone can listen to them

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