Sleep Hypnosis for Clearing Subconscious Anxiety – Ultra Deep Mind Calm

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If you've ever felt any anxiety, stress, worry, or overthinking at bedtimes or asked yourself what can help me sleep, then I have created this sleep hypnosis for clearing subconscious anxiety just for you. Discover your ultimate in deep calm, as you allow this enhanced sleep meditation to re-program your subconscious mind for pure relaxation, for feelings of total safety and self protection, and for your powerfully unwinding, blissfully calming, ultra deep sleep.

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This sleep hypnosis experience is a form of guided sleep relaxation and enhanced sleep meditation for calming anxiety, with spoken suggestions for deep relaxation, accompanied with a soothing soundscape of gentle background sleeping music to encourage inner peace.

This hypnosis for sleep experience may be repeated as often as you choose to strengthen and reinforce all of your positive intentions for your easiest calm of relaxing, deep sleep and to help you fall asleep fast.

This bedtime session is suitable for repeated listening. Regular listening to this sleep hypnosis and sleep meditation will help compound all positive suggestions for your own mind, body and spirit's holistic healing results.

The ending of this session will offer suggestions for drifting and dreaming into peaceful, refreshing and rejuvenating dreams, for your ultimate in self healing, deep sleep.

Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery.

Peace & Enjoy!

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  1. I love these videos they have been helping me sleep. My anxiety and depression have been awful recently but with these videos I fall asleep fairly quickly. Thank you for all the hard work you do to create these videos. 👍

  2. i love these videos so much and i can’t sleep without them, michael is my melatonin

  3. These videos have been helping me sleep since last year 🧡

    • I love the fireside one its one of my favourites to fall asleep with.

    • Hello my friend across the waves. This came at a great time in my life. You put my service dog Zoey and I right out. She listens with me and knows I’m calming down and she relaxes and goes to sleep with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and Peace always Kat 🙏❣️ and Zoey 🐾🐾🐶

  4. I swear you can read my mind. Tonight I was going to listen to one of your anxiety videos and then bam a new one comes out. Thank you so much Michael you are amazing 🇨🇦💞

  5. Given my insomnia, bed time is not something I typically look forward to. Michael’s voice is one of the only things that helps bring my body into a state of rest and to switch off my mind.
    I appreciate him more than he will ever know.

  6. Just in time for bed. Thank You Michael. We are spoiled by you.

  7. So appreciative of your videos,You have made my anixety so much easier to deal with. And I always recommend you to anyone who has problems with anxiety depression or even sleeping issues. You truly have a gift keep up the great job. HELLO 👋 all the way from Trinidad 🇹🇹.

  8. Glad I didn’t hit the rack at my usual time a couple hours ago …now I get to be one of the first to give this new one a spin…thanks Mike appreciate it !

  9. I wish you and everyone you love stay positive and healthy❤️


  11. I’ve been listening to your videos almost every night for 6 years now. You have gotten me through a lot and I am so grateful for the healing and peace you’ve brought me growing up. Thank you.

  12. I was literally about to search for anti-anxiety meditation, ty for this

  13. I’ll probably listen to your videos for life. No joke. Is there a way to order them on old school cd?

  14. Michael Sealey is an actual angel living among us, let’s be honest 😭

  15. About to listen to this recording now for the first time. Already feeling relief. Ecstatic! 💓

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