Skeptics Get Their Tarot Cards Read

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"This is my energy, it's a hot mess!"

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Tarot reading by Megan Le Fey,



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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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    (I’m very excited for this.)

  2. I was raised in a spiritual family, and so I was raised knowing about and seeing Tarot readings. This seemed very, very fake most of the time…

    • @superbat 11 I used to just use playing cards. People often don’t know any better, but that was for my cold-reading days.
      I don’t do anything like that anymore. I’m still pagan and I still study the occult, but I’m more careful what I practice and what I do.
      I’m old enough now to know better than to dive into the unknown headfirst.

    • @Freeman G You could use playing cards and the symbolisms in the numbers and suits. (I realise your comment is old and you probably have an alternative by now-)

    • i wish i was in a spiritual family but I have to keep my practice a secret from them 🙁

    • It depends on the person, if someone else is doing a reading for you they could say whatever they want, if they are a decent person they would probably just tell you the truth, and sometimes if you’re doing a reading for someone else your own energy could mess up their reading


  4. I really wanted Ned to come on and be all misleading like “Will I finally find a girlfriend this year?” and she all be like “Of course yes blah blah” and then Ned bursting out like “YOU FAKE I LOVE MY WIFE I HAVE A WIFE! MY WIFEEEEE!!”

    • @Tesla Tarot – interesting stuff. But the problem is that people pay money to the reader and have no way of knowing if they are cold reading or really believe, wrongly, that they have the gift, or are genuine. It isn’t possible to regulate in the same way as, say, private medicine. Because as far as I know it hasn’t been studied and evidence established and it can’t be anyway, due to the nature of the beast, so to speak.

  5. i want that buzzfeed makes a video where there are differen kinds of psychic, mediums, readers go and read 1 person about about the same subject (personallity or future etc.) So we can see the different kinds of anwers there people give about the same subject of the same person. because i always feel a little bit skeptical when i see these type of videos.

    • +Alice Nguyen YES! YES! YES! Comparison of different readings for the same person.

    • Agreed. I’ve seen several tarot readings before, and read about readings, and most of them did not involve psychic/medium interpretation.

  6. Eugene was having none of this. When the woman said she thinks he’ll settle down in the valley and he expressed disgust, she immediately backpedaled and said “i’m not sure what i’m seeing. it FEELS like that.” She obviously is cold reading and is not even very good at it. Everything she says is based off of the other person’s reaction. Everything is very vague and easy to guess from a quick conversation as well as applicable to most people. She tells them what she thinks they want to hear

    • She’s seeing the Valley as a basic interpretation, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Valley, but something similar to it.

    • “it feels like it could be the valley” is an interpretation, implying “I could also be feeling something that’s just similar to the valley”. And that wasn’t backpedaling, it was reassuring him and reminding him that being psychic doesn’t give a %100 clear image.

    • @Ellie Then what good is being psychic and paying exhorbitant prices to see one?

    • @hexmeister one way to look at it is people pay good money for entertainment. Some like to go to concerts, theaters, some want to go nascar, disneyland, comedy shows, broadway others actually enjoy psychics/tarot readings. Everyone of us has psychic abilities including you. For some it comes naturally, others have to work hard to attain it. Sadly for most us our minds and hearts are blocked from attaining this ability usually by societal standards, or specific indoctrinations. I’m a tarot reader and developing my psychic abilities. My job isn’t to make someone believe. I just relay the messages I receive in hopes that it will help them along in their life journey. It is up to the client to believe and of their own free will choose which path they want to take. The choice is always yours.

    • @hexmeister You could always buy a deck yourself and learn how to use it. There are cheap alternitaves, and if it’s a one-off thing, why not get a cheap Rider Waite deck? You don’t have to go to a full on psychic

    • hahahaha you’re so wrong. he had already been dating his gf for 4.5years now/ 1 month before your comment

    • Lower your expectations or make yourself greater to oncrease your expectations. If you heterosexual, consider what a man wants in a woman, you give them that and they will give you what they think a woman wants. The details and adjustments come through time and experience.

  7. Telling people want they want to hear using stereotypes, educated guesses, and leading questions.

    • and then it happens! because of self fulfilling prophecy. all you need is to know how to read people.

    • And reading people’s reactions. Like the black dude widening his eyes at the idea of dating two girls at once, and the tarot reader quickly jumps in with “That’s unusual for you.”

    • SelfAwarePedant That’s unfortunate to hear, cuz that’s NOT what a true reading is like. (Unlike those scammers.)

  8. The thing about tarot cards, or any sort of psychic reading, is that the cards help guide the conversation, but it’s not magical. A good tarot reader will get you thinking on your own life and what direction you want to take it in, not try to “predict your future”. Predicting the future is impossible, everyone knows that, but most psychics worth their salt are good at reading people, and in a very short time will tell people what they think they might need to hear.

    • Because it is possible future.
      I understand people might be skeptical and the starement is to wash hands.
      But destiny is not oredestinated at all. Everyday each choice changes it.
      When i tea read i do not talk about it being the future but rather the options the enviroment might takeform.

      Ido not sell my practice btw. I do it for free. So i really dont want to naje thus a bussiness with scams in mh life, rather a nice way to connect with the stranger and guide them as a friend.

  9. She’s not reading the cards, she’s reading the people. Their outfit, their demeanors, their reactions, all kinds of subtle clues. Plus some guesses, cold reading, picking up on subtle feedback and misdirection. Notice how she tells wallflower girl to get out more and nerd guy he’s gonna find a relationship?

    -“3 AM is your writing time!” “I’m usually asleep at 3 AM!” [Drops subject] Of course, it could always mean 3 AM >>should<< be your writing time. -"Do you Zumba?" "I swing dance?!" ""Swing dance, oh I love swing dance!" (directing attention away from the fact she only got it half right; but even if she was totally off, it could be turned to mean it's a hobby you >>should<< really look into..)


    • that is the whole point. use statements that the quarent can agree with. a perfect example is the question: You are not a dog person, are you? if the quarent answers yes: you guessed it right. if they answer no, you were also correct!

    • lmaooo and ”you’re making your own way in the world” oh really??????

  11. She’s not actually reading the cards. She is a medium, and she keeps saying “They’re showing me…” so it’s the spirits giving her messages, not the cards. Tarot cards would never be as specific as to mention Annie Hall, so this video is setting up expectations of Tarot Readers that would be impossible to meet, unless they were also mediums.

    • Exactly and I’m like what tf is going on because I’m a reader 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • If you watched the intro you would have saw that they mentioned she was also a medium. That’s why she knows what she knows.

    • So you don’t know we witches are not born with it. It’s Maybelline

    • It looks like she’s doing both? Like when she’s talking they’re showing me it seems like some sort of medium thing but when she was like you need to get out more that’s very much something tarot could tell you

    • Niveditha J i see this guy for the first time – only Cleaveland from Family was familiar to me.

    • In 2020, now I think she was talking about the coming out video. The start of it are least

    • He talked about geishas ALL THE TIME. He tried to act like he wasn’t shook 😂😂

    • To be fair, he did come out wearing dresses and dancing…

  12. Great video but they are not really reading tarot.. Trust me 😊

    • actually she did
      This video happened 5 years ago

      The guy with Glasses (Zach) actually during a few years was secretly dating a girl from Peru called Maggie around 2016-2017, which has not super dark hair, but brown and she is super sweet, as well, a nurse that helped Zach with his chronic illness.

      Eugene, the asian guy, made a video a year ago where he came out as gay, and he was wearing an Asian dress, almost resembling a geisha. He also bought a house and has a backyard. He is currently dating and living with his boyfriend Matt.

      The medium on the video said that Fortune Telling does not predict the future, it can show the possibility. If you want that possibility to be true, you have to work for it, its a little bit of guideance, but never definitive.

  13. Can we talk about how her comment about Eugene being in a geisha film is pretty similar to his coming out video??

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