Skeptical Of Energy Medicine? This May Change Your Mind | Donna Eden

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If you are skeptical of energy medicine or would like to know the science behind how it works, this video by master energy healers, David and Donna Eden, is for you! Want to dive deeper? Join Donna’s free Energy Medicine masterclass👉

We generally just think of our human bodies as flesh and bone, but is there more to us than that? Is there an underlying energy that runs through us and perhaps IS us?

Is the idea too weird? Does it turn you off? Is it too wu-wu?

If so, this video by energy healers, Donna and David Eden, is here to whet your energy medicine palate. Donna Eden does an energy medicine demonstration on an audience member, while David Eden explains the science behind what is happening.


00:30 Human body’s electromagnetic field
03:45 Energy healing exercise


Master Energy Medicine Practitioner, Donna Eden, is perhaps one of the most influential people in the world of energy medicine. She was trained over 100,000 people and has certified well over 5,000 as “Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners.”

Donna Eden has spend the past 40 years teaching the world that our body’s are nothing but a collection of energy systems and that there are scientific means to naturally reclaim our health and vitality. Her life mission is to make Energy Medicine available to anyone and everyone, and to help the world leverage their innate healing powers.

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  1. So what did you think about this video? Share in the comments below.
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    • Mindvalley what I think is that the techniques of getting someone on stage like this is classic hypnotist and snake oil medicine sales techniques. It’s a lot of circular talk and the only one that knows how hard she’s pushing and the controller of the “test” is the “seller” or hypnotist. Add on to that the psychology of a person “wanting to do well” on stage and wanting to be a good person and wanting to believe (this isn’t an objective person. This is someone that has put themselves into this audience to begin with and wants to believe or already partly does or would not be there). This result is fabricated and coerced in multiple ways to get the effect they want. Since you asked what I thought.

    • Some of these exercises are similar to Eight Pieces of Brocade Qi Gong, and I say this as someone who was introduced first to Donna Eden’s _Energy Medicine_ book. The ‘Reaching heaven and Earth’ truly relieves anxiety, and ‘opens up the centers’, and hanging down then raising the body up. i have not seen the magnet demonstration. I’m eager to try it on my family, as I’m meant to keep two metres at least away from everyone else.

  2. Poor sound quality — really hard to hear most of comments, except the laughter!

  3. I’m new to this. I was very anxious have a heavy heart feeling. Did the exercise and i feel 60%better.

  4. what a scam! basic hypnosis and manipulation to sell quackery ! mindvalley…. really! anything for the dollars huh!!!??

    • There is electricity / energy in everything. Look at the human nervous system, signals literally travel through your body. Look at the trees there is energy flowing throughout their roots. Earth has a magnetic field as well. That’s known in astrophysics. If there universe is anything. Its nothing but energy. This is science too my friend this. Asian culture understands this as well they refers to more as chakras I think.

    • only people who don’t understand how energy and ions in the earth will think its a scam.

    • This is basic HYPNOTIC MODALITY, no science! We learn this at CLINICAL Hypnotherapy 101. Actually, stage hypnotists know this better than anyone else. If you call in “science” to explain this, it is because you are NOT a scientist. Neither am I, and I can perform this circus act.

  5. It would be wise to check with someone if they had a pacemaker or other medical device within them before getting a magnet that near them.

  6. Love this lady. She puts off an incredible lovely vibe that makes u feel comfort automatically!!!🦋

  7. *Lol my mother showed me the arm thing awhile ago it’s neat. She just used her hands not a magnet though. My spiritual tradition at Drukama does cool stuff with energy for healing and for transmutation practices. Check it out! Be well all!*

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  13. I’ts all a scam, although the person here has good intentions and her heart is in the right place. Very typical of new age , lots of lazy research, not following through with making an effort to understand real science and real science terminology.

  14. After reading the healing codes and feeling sensations in my body as I did them I’m open minded . We are energy so this is interesting but I’m only just hearing about energy healing .

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