Seven Laws Of The Universe with Matias De Stefano

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Matias De Stefano tells us that the beings in this realm – the seventh dimension- have no need to create anything other than the bliss of their experience. It is here where we discover the seven laws of the universe. These laws are found within everything, in every dimension. As you come to know them, you will know how to move through every reality and what to find in every dimension.

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  1. This is exactly what TRUTH sounds like coming from another human being. Everything he is saying, I couldn’t possibly verify or validate even with access to all the 3D data in my universe BUT as always everything I need is already within me…. including God-like intuition for feeling the certainty of his truth with every word he spoke. What more validation could i seek…? Truth definitely has a flavor. Unfortunately for most, it’s an acquired taste.

    • Lol.
      “3D” data?
      He only on 3D? It goes to infinity, so…. he’s a charlatan, yes another one.
      But keep hanging on his every word.

    • That exactly what I’m trying to find out, I know is something powerful that created everything but if he can remember pass life like I been seen in my meditation that conform what I think is truth

    • Mister Rious I agree with you fellow empath. He remembers. We will all remember and merge all our aspects too

    • @D Splease read closer. Im clearly referring to the information that I personally have access to in this 3D world.

    • @D S IRONY: Your comment… shines a spotlight on your poor reading comprehension in questioning mine. Think more carefully before you indulge in the lure of ignorance. Don’t be afraid to ask your truth for the answers that your ignorance may be trying to question.

  2. Just to be clear this is the Hermetic Philosophy. This was taught in Egypt by Hermès/Thoth/Tehuti the great teacher.
    This is the 7 hermetic principles….

  3. It’s so fascinating to see how a truth changes its perspective to be present in a certain dimension. Thankyou Matias, incredible!

  4. This is great explenation of how manifestations work.. We should all be more aware of the present moment and live it as we are what we want to be.

  5. My question to Matias is : Why is it that almost all of the entire humanity on this planet are so ignorant about this fundamental truth that you teach? 12,000 years ago you said that the entire planet is almost aware of this truth with the help of extraterrestrial beings. Where did the ‘original sin’ begin and cause the human beings to be so unconscious? Is there anyone who knows?

    • Yes over time we forgot our history, & then when Christianity began spreading ignorance & brought the dark ages, they destroyed any knowledge that was anti-christian. You know like astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics – stuff like that. You could be burned at the stake for saying the earth was round. Lol.
      The christians & then the catholic church set us back about 2,000+ years we basically had to start over.

    • @Joris Weima more likely that both extremes cause dissonance. We teeter back and forth the poles of gender, and materialism tends to push for the extremes. (For example PC culture striving to virtue signal and politically ascend at the expense of truth). Imagine if we sought instead for balance….

    • Humans aka homo sapiens sapiens had went through many stages of evolution by the influence and guidance of major entities who were a part of a plan, although the plan itself changed from time to time and took many forms because every different group of extraterrestrial entities wanted something different out of this Plan. And let’s not forget that such major planetary shifts of being concious takes millions of years to happen.

  6. I almost have remember all of this series by heart because these laws are consistent

  7. Also we are extremely lucky he was not born on other side of Universe, other wise we would not know this much about our own culture relatively close

  8. Now supposed he was born near Heavens’ Gate, that’s way many, many, galaxies away

  9. This guy thinks he knows about metatron’s cube you are not the original people matter of fact you were the last people too invade Egypt being Arab, this is one big joke

  10. I wish this was taught as part of our education in schools imagine how much further in consciousness we would be

  11. I “was” a high priestess in Atlantis… Everything this gentleman says resonates deeply. Can’t wait to watch the full series on Gaia!

  12. Always love it when people talk about the 7 Chakras and harnessing the golden energy that we all have the natural right to!

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