See How This 40-Year-Old Woman Changed Her Body With Only 30 Minutes Of Exercise Per Week

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Weight loss transformation journey with 10X

In this video, Mary, who serves in the military, shares her weight loss transformation journey with Vishen. And the results she was able to achieve from the 10X fitness with Mindvalley. This lady lost up to 20% body fat with only 30 minutes of exercise per week.

There’s a lot of health tips and exercise routines out there, but none of them deliver weight loss transformation results as 10X does. Such a bold claim, right? And how do we know it works? Because we have real documented stories of our student’s transformation. Listen to Mary’s weight loss transformation journey as she shares how she lost 20% body fat and gained more muscle.

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About Vishen Lakhiani:

✅Vishen Lakhiani is the Founder of Mindvalley, an award-winning education movement with millions of students worldwide and growing fast. Through Mindvalley, Vishen has spent over 15 years reimagining the human experience — to explore the science of helping humans reach their fullest potential.

✅As the hands-on CEO of Mindvalley, Vishen has created Mindvalley Quests, A-Fest, and Mindvalley University which help shape lives in the personal transformation field.

✅He has led Mindvalley to enter and train Fortune 500 companies, governments, and millions of people around the world to live their most extraordinary lives. Vishen’s work in personal growth also extends to the public sector, as a speaker and activist working to evolve the core systems that influence our lives – including education, work culture, politics, and wellbeing.

✅Vishen is also the New York Times Bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and The Badass, both of which reveal how to think like some of the greatest non-conformist minds of our era and create new rules for life AND work so you define success on your own terms.

About the masterclass:

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

Why “the more you work out, the fitter you get” is today’s biggest myth in exercise & fitness science — Discover why the latest studies in muscle conditioning prove it’s unnecessary to spend hours a week in the gym – and how you can get even fitter, stronger, and healthier by exercising less.

Terrified cave people & hungry saber-toothed tigers = nature’s best-kept secret to optimal fitness? — Explore the fascinating ways the human body adapts to perceived danger – and how you can safely and rapidly supercharge your strength, agility, and longevity through simple exercises that trigger your body’s evolutionary mechanisms.

The one and only type of exercise you need to focus on, in order to gain optimal fitness — It’s okay to enjoy cardio, yoga, or traditional gym workouts – but if you want the best results in the least amount of time possible, science shows this is the only form of exercise you need.

Why your regular exercise routine could be destroying your muscle growth, and setting you up for more excess weight — Some of the most common approaches to exercise – particularly among women – can also be the most damaging to your strength, fitness, weight, and longevity. Discover what they are, and what to do instead.

How Vishen Lakhiani cut his exercise time by 90%, and got in the best shape of his life after 40 — Gym memberships, personal trainers, bestselling fitness programs, and even experimental endurance protocols couldn’t help Vishen get rid of his dad bod. Here’s what did, in exchange for just 15 minutes of exercise, twice a week.

How to achieve extraordinary strength & fitness, and look like a Greek god – without even stepping foot in a gym — Global events have left many unable or reluctant to visit the gym regularly. Here’s how you can enjoy comparable results, not with bulky or costly equipment – but just a handful of simple, inexpensive, easy-to-find tools.

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  1. I’m under procrastination spell. I must loose at least 30% of my weight but don’t know how to start. Please any tips to begin with? I am in the 50ies

    • 1. As I understand it, your metabolism slows down as you get older, so keep that in mind and don’t be so hard on yourself.
      2. Yes, calories are important, but so is the quality of what you consume. Try and eat more protein for muscle maintenance and eat more fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals.
      3. It’s good to weigh yourself initially, but don’t weigh yourself too regularly. As you exercise more, your muscle mass may increase and the scales may show your weight increase to reflect that. In other words, it’s not just about how much you weigh, but also what your body composition is.
      4. Mindset is EVERYTHING. Keep a journal about how you’re feeling or have someone to talk to if you need some extra support. Every time I failed at losing weight, it stemmed from my mindset, so try your best to remind yourself of your goal when you feel your resolve weakening.

      By no means am I an expert, but I’ve continued to lose weight consistently for a while now and these are the things I’ve learned.

      Get enough sleep, stress less, drink water, have a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and you can do it. Best of luck!

    • Camon wakeup early and go for jogging…(first for walking)

      Slowly slowly for jogging.

      Then try dash running (after jogging) and keep ur eye on ur calorie intake. Don’t fool ur mind by saying today i lost so much sweat and calorie so one pizza or anything like junk food will not effect much.

  2. Is fitness a part of your 2021 goals? Get better fitness results with only 30 minutes of exercise per week. How? Watch this 100% FREE 10X masterclass to discover the secret now:👉

  3. Hey everyone, we had to re-upload this video 😅 there was a small tiny glitch in the original… oops!

  4. It’s literally possible to manifest Anything you set your mind to✌🏻

  5. People need to understand that building muscle is “toning.” Lift weights to sculpt your body.

  6. 2:55
    Pause the video and play at 0.25x speed. You can see her face. Don’t misuse this advantage though 🙂

  7. That’s why I love yoga, n my bike. Working the core, balance n breathing, and peace, allows balance of mind body n soul and I like the bike because in addition I have good cardio for my lungs, heart n muscles!! Thanks I’ll check this out also! And by the way thank you for all you do, your service and light work is great n I don’t thank you enough!! So a big thanks to you and your whole team🙌 💫 Peace 🕊️✌️ and Blessings 🙏☮️🌈🌎 Love n Light 🧚💜 Namaste 💞✨💫👫👭👬💞

  8. This did Not give any info, women dont want to do whats needed to get rid of the fat, the women I teach, I make them work, and the fat just melts off. This video insulted my intelligence….

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