Second Mind Medicine 5: mental health with Anoop Kumar, MD

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  1. excellent! what will have us–our society, education system, our consciousness–grow into this understanding?

  2. Explosive forward thoughts which are so outside of the box of today’s ideas of medicine. Multi-generational and multi-lifetime trauma are esssential in understandiing the full human experience. The five bodies are a no brainer…hopefully soon others will catch up.

  3. What would have been nice to know more details about this meditation and what it was going to cover or do somewhere anywhere actually but didn’t see anything disappointed about that especially if you expect or want others to put their trust in you and allowing you to do hypnosis with them cause I’m sure you told in the meditation at some point they are in a safe place and stay focused on your voice.

  4. This was an extraordinary explanation of mental health. Thank you so much for your critical analysis of health and wholeness. Can’t wait for next episode.

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