Safety In Relationships. Even When Rupture Happens – Teal Swan

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  1. Shoutout to everyone going through a Spiritual Awakening right now ⚡️ You are not the only one

  2. I hope you have good things happen to you Teal. You’re one of the good guys I believe.

  3. The GOAT 🙌 I remember my coworker listening to you and now you’re making waves everywhere

  4. Thank you !!! <3 So profound, rupture also makes new grounds, literally in geology.......I read that today, so cool. ( but i hate the way of montage, why are there so many cuts ? and a screaming lettertype.............)

  5. In a perfect world, people would just intuitively know this. Thank you for posting.

  6. I remember hearing Dr. Phil, of all people lol, say two things I thought was so profound in relation to this topic:
    1. It’s not about whether you argue or not, it’s about how you end the arguments that matters.
    2. When you know you are right and you can see your partner is starting to get they were wrong. DON’T go “In for the kill”. Try to give your partner a soft place to land and way to get out of the debate/argument with dignity and repsect.

    • I legit thought I was starting to think I was the only human being who actually does this and cares about these things. I guess I need new people in my life..

  7. In a perfect world there is this conscious awareness on BOTH sides…. Find the un-ruptured relationship within, you’ll need little else…..and you will vibrate this higher frequency , which attracts alike. 🙏🏻

    • Thank you! It has to be on both sides and you can’t put so much energy on a person that doesn’t want to see inside themselves

    • @R F YES! thank you too!… good point well made! …unsolicited advice never works and is just exhausting…

  8. This makes me super curious now. With all of your insight into relationships and psyche I’m curious how you are in relationships.

  9. All has been said before so I’m just echoing our admiration for this wise woman.

  10. Ruptured relationships taught me all i know… i await a like minded lady, then we both know what to do if she’s experienced the same….

  11. Having been reared in a family that exhibits severance at every rupture, this one of those faulty programs that feels like u have to dig back into the recesses of time and DNA to repair:

    -grandparental divorce during rearing of parental generation,
    -sibling-estrangement among parental generation,
    -estranged-grandparents die alone out-of-touch with their estranged adult children,
    -parental divorce,
    -witnessing subsequent parental bf/gf break-ups as volatile,
    -threatening to kick kids out as a means of routine discipline,
    -actually kicking kids out,
    -adult children estranged from parents,
    -sibling-estrangement among current generation,
    -familial estrangement from subsequent generations,

    -evidenced impaired ability to stabilize relationships of any sort, in general..

    Trying, nonetheless. Thanks, Teal💙

  12. Teal, I just love you. 😘💞🤗 We are so blessed to have you on Earth with us.

    Few years ago, I listened to your videos which had helped me walk through some very difficult times. I no longer felt so alone but a deeper spiritual heart connection to Source, Law of One.

    Your way of teaching and showing us have always been about “matters of the heart”. A true Heart Alchemist that works without end for all people around the world. Many blessings to all. Namaste 🙏🏻💕💫

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