Sacred Geometry of our Multidimensional Reality

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Across our multidimensional reality, we discover beings transmitting the wisdom we need to evolve into higher states of existence.

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  1. Thank you Gaia for everything you do and everything you are positivity and agape to you infinity ♾️🍎🌻

    • Because God is the universe! The universe is god! God is me, and God is you. 🙏

  2. I could listen to this all day and learn about all of this amazing knowledge about sacred geometry, the universe, Gaia, geometrical shapes all of it!! I love learning about our amazing beautiful universe and Divine Source. I feel so connected to Metatrons cube & Tree of life!! Its soo fascinating. I love this chnnl soo much!!
    ThankU 🙌🏻
    I would absolutely love to meet Matias, Greg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, (Abraham) Esther Hicks, Caroline Myss, all of them, one day!!
    Sending Everyone Divine Infinite Blessings Of Love~Peace~Light

  3. Thank you for making more videos lately with voice narration over reading. I appreciate it.

  4. To the honorable Muslim reading this, do you confess today to the Creator of the Universe that..
    1. Adam was made from Clay?
    2. That life was breathed into him by the Word-“Be”?
    3. Do you confess that Qabil tried to atone for his works with his Labour/his own Works from the field; that was insufficient?
    4. Do you confess to The Creator that Habil used an innocent, spotless lamb that God provided to atone for his sin?
    5. Is this Qurbani/Udhiyah?
    6. Do you admit that all those that got into Nuhs Ark were saved?
    7. That those who thought a global flood would be impossible, were not saved?
    8. Do you accept that God asked Ibrahim to bind his son?
    9. Is that proof that Ibrahim loved his God?
    10. Is Isa the “Kalimatullah” as mentioned in Qur’an 3:45 and 4:171? (Translation “Word of God”)

    When you speak, your words are you, they hold all the authority of your body and mind but are completely different medium. The Word of God became flesh in to Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross as the Lamb of God, the Qurbani/Udhiyah/Sacrifice for all mankind.

    I know what you are going to say, “God can not be a man”. But you admit that God can enter creation, as he did when he spoke to Musa as a burning bush. If God can be talking fire, he can become a talking piece of clay.

    I have done exactly as Qur’an 5:47 instructs me.

    • @Echad I know 100% that the Word of God became flesh in to Jesus Christ. I know that he is God. He came to me in a dream that was more real than this world. He was so pure, so loving and so holy. Peace eminated off him. I held on to his robe and my soul felt the whole universe being put into perfect order. It was the best moment of my life.

      It was in that moment 4 years ago, that I realised I knew nothing. My life was a lie, designed by the adversary to pull me away from the majesty of Jesus Christ.

  5. Fascinating, absolutely Brilliant, thank you, best description of God I have ever heard.. big thumbs up.

  6. I love this series. Literally gorged on every episode!!!
    The master Key here is the acknowledgement of God in science. Without God, science is drastically flawed, incomplete and will never reach it’s full potential. Same goes w medicine. Thank you so very much for this TRUE Wisdom and science ♥️🤗♥️

    • @Krisafire Xixeth hello beautiful Soul ♥️
      Your on the right track just invert it. Hermetic principles give us Gods Will while also offering magnificent Keys to understanding how the Universe works. Science, math, everything evolves from the Laws. In 1901 a deliberate decision to remove the Spiritual from science and medicine was made. Then the horrors began, Monsanto, Rockefeller medicine, poisoning all that is of God, inverting it.
      You have a great functioning mind dear One.
      Keep digging ♥️🐸♥️

    • @Hecate Love you are totally confusing and misinterpreting what im saying.

    • @MrDosonhai *rolls eyes* . In history books, if they havent changed them already now, there is information that talks about how science even began. Science as everybody knows and understands it now, actually began with certain Christian individuals who wanted to use math and physics and science to better understand and appreciate how God created the universe and how it all works. They used numbers and math, since it cant purportedly be biased by peoples judgments. So in actuality science as everyone knows it now was born from religion. Rofl. These Christian scientists wanted to show proof of their God to everyone else, so to speak. Only everyone seems to have forgotten the original purpose of that little science detail. Rofl.

      Just like everyone has forgotten the original point for building computers. They were originally building computers, so to speak, to understand how the human mind worked. Lol. But everyone else has forgotten that bit of detail too. Lol.

    • @Krisafire Xixeth Un no, science began even before Christianity. Don’t get too full of yourself Christian. Search Law of One on Youtube if you want to get out of that indoctrination. Your choice.

  7. It sounds a lot like this and metatrons cube and the flower of life, shows the blueprints of all of Reality. What ive also seen is that you can keep making more and more circles. So not only the blueprints for Reality but also of growth and progression.

    So yea. Respect and honor and appreciate and be grateful and thankful. Heh.

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