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The founder of Neuro-linguistic Programming and one of the worlds leaders in hypnotism and mind science joins me on today's THC for a chat about mental tricks to help us stop obsessing over the events of the past, stop worrying about the unknown future, and nundge us in the direction of true mental mastery. Boom.

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  1. Brilliant information! Everything starts in your mind. The simple saying of change your mind and you’ll change your life is so very true.

  2. Interesting talk and an interesting man. I’m going to tread cautiously here, because I do not wish to be misinterpreted as slamming Bandler. He is intelligent and has put his mind to good use, and I applaud both of these things. However there are a few reasons to be concerned. First of all, in common with many people who have a solid slice of truth, he is very narrow minded, rejecting all the other slices. Another commenter has tuned into this and pointed it out already. Personally, I cannot take him seriously when I hear the flippant and dismissive way he speaks. He contradicts himself, putting meditation down, then later admitting that someone who has practiced it might be more adept at difficult feats such as self-hypnosis. His own language reveals him to be a man riddled with prejudices. I do not care for speakers who consciously speak down to their audience as he does. Additionally, I am always concerned about people who work with the Government. History has shown time and again that such individuals are not friends to Humanity. The CIA love NLP and that is not good advertising for you and me. We should only learn NLP if we want to become familiar with the tools which are being used against us. Admittedly, NLP has been very widely bootlegged and plagiarized. I personally trained in one such discipline, Core Belief Engineering (CBE) – not to become a practitioner, but simply to learn the process. I have to say, CBE is virtually worthless, as are most New Age NLP ripoffs. If you are going to learn this process, do it to familiarize yourself with the weapon being used against you. Obviously, there is something to it if the PTB are employing it as a weapon against the masses. Thank you.

    • Confusions tale tale sign as always…Contradicting while agreeing like an authority. You yourself said you were “going to tread lightly”. Dr. B is GOD of some people. Once, if or When you have solved the code of human ability and better performance, and have been published a thousand times, studied all the most elite human beings, and can cure disease come talk to me then. If you disagree with NLP fine, here’s your refund. 💰But don’t tread on Doc Bandler ever, you’re not in that weight class. You come off as someone who bought a beginners guid to NLP and couldn’t comprehend the first chapter. You just look ignorant. Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes a drunk monkey. And I have worked with the CIA and FBI, I have to talk to them flippantly like talking to 6th graders. That shouldn’t be anyone’s authority or or proof

    • Ultimately it’s the knowledge and info that bears weight, not necessarily the presentation style or flaws within the character, we all have blind spots, just requires discernment. I feel that when we cut each other of do to such small things the game wins, we see people cutting out others all around forming little groups every where. I think everyone here pretty much understands groups are easily herded.

    • Yes, I did not like it at all when he said he feels like he’s been fighting stupid all his life (something along those lines). I’m sure he has a lot of good to offer, and I listen for that reason, but I personally am turned off by people who put down the people they say they want to help.

  3. Guys like Anthony Robbins have ADMITTED they’re standing on Bandler’s shoulders, as do a few of the better known PUA (Pick up artist) teachers as well for attracting the opposite sex…Bandler’s the Man, and he’s always stayed pretty low profile all these years.

    • They dont need to admit .Its too obvious anyway. I can see them doing basically the same thing as Bandler ,slightly adjusted.

  4. He is clever no doubt- it sounds like he has a “scary picture” about obamacare though? Perhaps he could see the massive pile of money spent on military crap versus that spent on helping people to be healthier?

  5. NLP techniques=software to altered states; therefore more successful if “hardware” adequate ie physically healthy brain? “Stupidity” potentially more recalcitrant today as a result of the massive umbrella of environmental toxicities adversely affecting health: non-native EMF, changes in sunlight due to chemtrails etc, air-water-food pollution, indoor air pollution, mold, pharmaceuticals…… ad infinitum

  6. Greg, have you looked into the Manela Effect? At first I thought nothing of it when all I heard was an argument between Berenstein Bears or Berenstain Bears. But now I’m convinced something is up. Im an RN and recently Googled Human Anatomy to find some profound changes in our anatomy like a new hole beneath our temple, a liver which has grown and lungs that have shrunk. Not convinced ? Look at a world map. North Korea and South Korea have moved, South America has dramatically shifted plus many others.
    The clincher?? My middle name has always been Elizabeth-Anne after mom, Anne, and aunt, Elizabeth. I just had a argument with my mom who says my middle name has always been Elizabethann, one word and no letter E! I decided to look at my birth certificate which NOW says Elizabethann. WTF????

      episode is called Parallels. you just described it.
      interacting with other dimensions and small changes are made. some big changes are made as well. maybe you walked through a portal of sorts before this began happening to you.

    • At first I too thought it was the manDela effect…but then I looked it up, and bugger me, it now is the manela effect 😱😐🤔

    • Have you worked out yet where, or perhaps, when the slips, the changes, are happening?

  7. hmm, thinkin about vegas, if paddock was in fact a mere professional slot machine and/or gambler guy , i could see the constant droning exposure of the casino existence coupled iwth some powerful hypnotists making him for a very suggestable manchurian candidate.

    • Great point man. It’s probably child’s play with someone on an SSRI

  8. Our brains are damaged (maybe beyond recover) because we’ve been told from the minute we are born to do things we don’t want to do, particularly school. But then, I ask how could past 2 or 3 generations have motivation if they also been through school. Maybe it’s the internet frying our brains up? Videogames? Earphones? Too much dopamine? Or maybe it’s just a sign that we don’t fall for the same bullshit easily, so in fact we are right being judged wrong because we are listening to the wrong people, the ones who want to benefit from our enslavement. Too much questions and not so much answers, why do we exist in this fucking place for a start how about that?

  9. Yikes, this guy thinks we went to the Moon in aluminum cans? I is pretty hard to trust anyone who does not have the discernment and knowledge to see through the ridiculous moon landing hoaxes from nazis at nasa. The other problem I have with him, is that I listened to Anthony Robbins 30 years ago and even paid good money for one of his courses. He claimed you need to pretend your bad memory was a phonograph disc and all you had to do was play it and scratch the needle back and forth to remove the memory from your life. That is the day I threw away tony robbins material and never looked back.

    He thinks we have LSD in our brains naturally??? WTF?

    I hope he had a brain fart and meant DMT instead. otherwise he is starting to sound very kooky. LSD is a laboratory manufactured substance derived from ergotamine, not a natural one like DMT.

  10. Excellent intervew. Excellent content. Excellent questions. Excellent answers.

    I’ve listened to thousands of interviews for decades and rarely do you get something so good. Really.

  11. I listened to this last night and i was thinking about it all day when you asked why NLP hasen’t taken off as a mainstream application for achieving success and I totally agree with Bandler’s response that mentioned how establishments disallow it’s growth while other nations like Japan and the UK don’t. If you take a look at what we really know as a nation in regards to what it takes to better ourselves, we havent really moved forward as much as other nations. For example, we know how drastically we need to switch from petrol to electric in order to preserve our ozone layers and yet we still see gas stations at every free way exit. We know the risks of continuously running on gasoline but we haven’t flipped yet. However other nations like Norway are slathered with electric vehicles and charging stations. Good on them for being so progressive and quick to adjust their ways. As Richard said, these establishments are too ingrained into our culture; its just not going anywhere anytime soon. Corporations keep the malicious options rolling while blatantly ignoring the earth’s environmental conditions. A second example? think about our prison systems. In Sweden, they have such high rehabilitation rates that allow their citizens to get back to society as productive and exemplary citizens. However, in America, that’s just not the case. In a similar fashion to environmental causes, it’s a game that corporations play for the sake of their own economy when instead we could so clearly reform the system for a much more improved outcome. Even fast food is on the same platform. We very clearly know the dangers of it all. Documentary after documentary and study after study prove the harms of these institutions and informed people know so well that organic foods and simply greens and fruits would benefit people in a great way. But, still, these institutions provide so much availability to foods with carcinogens and mass amounts of sugar, among other things. So, why is that? Economic gain? I think so, and you know what, many other factors as well call to be considered…

  12. It’s obvious by his reaction and statements on ayahuasca that he is clueless about it. Ayahuasca is a tool. It will help you do what you want to or need to, often times. But you must know how to wield it and be strong enough to control it.

  13. mindfulness meditation has been scientifically proven to only require half an hour a day for two weeks

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