Revelation & Awakening: You are not in your body.

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Revelation & Awakening: You are not in your body.

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    • Try imagining something you don’t usually see but is something that you believe you could see. Like a bird flying by or landing near you or whatever comes to mind that you would believe to be a sign if you were to see it. Imagine this sign in detail exactly as if it were present and what it would feel like to receive such a sign. When you have imagined it clearly as though it has already happened then just believe that it will happen. You don’t have to believe absolutely that it will happen, even a little belief is enough for things that are for good purpose. Neville Goddard did a lot of talks on this technique for manifesting. I had heard of it before I heard him and found it to work amazingly for things that are not life changing like seeing a bird’s claws in 10 minutes, a vulture flying right over my head. I then heard Neville Goddard talking about finding a basketball and I did the exercise as he suggested, feeling the ball in my hand but thinking I don’t think I’m likely to find a baseball anytime soon cause I hadn’t seen one in a long time. About 30 minutes later I found a bag of them in a junk drawer having totally forgotten about doing the exercise. I have a few things on my dresser to remind me of what I have brought to myself imagining and believing but most of us can look around our rooms and see all the things that we have attracted to ourselves but might think these came by chance.
      I’m sure most of us could look around and see many things that came to us seemingly by chance but are just what we desired to find. I try to focus on the world that I would like to see rather than things just for me. I follow my interests as I believe they are not random but by design and I believe that God, the Universe, will bring to me what I need to follow my God given interests and the following of them is naturally it’s own reward.
      I think about winning the lottery sometimes but if I did what path would I then follow in actuality. I’ve decided that if I’m not sure what I would do with something I think I might desire then I should leave the particulars of what I need in the present up to God. Someone gave the advice that we should do whatever we would try to do if we knew we couldn’t fail. I agree but there is no failing or succeeding in reality, we gave up everything so we would know what it’s like to experience getting it back little by little. It’s like the song says, It’s all about the climb. πŸ™

  1. The bodies of holy people, saints don’t disintegrate, the relics are incorruptible and when we are in the proximity we can get entangled with the saints consciousness which is distinctly felt.

  2. Thank you so much dearest Master! Deepest gratitude! πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

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