Revelation & Awakening: What is Cosmic Consciousness?

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Revelation & Awakening: What is Cosmic Consciousness?

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  1. The following is sarcasm..”.OK we are not subject to death according to Deepak Chopra.
    Glad we got that sorted out in a short video without any evidence.”
    Seriously it is a shame that when a public figure makes claims like having chosen to lengthen the telomeres of his cells the interviewer doesn’t respond with ” prove it”
    Chopra’s spa used and maybe still does offer Aurevedic astrology which they claimed was
    accurate because the Indian Astrologers corrected for changes in star position.
    If interviewer on TV shoes don’t push back against people like this false beliefs are propagated in society.
    Each generation has a responsibility to call BS on people who make claims without evidence.

    • I think you are saying that the “actor “ part of us is used and recycled. The “I am” part continues. There’s no need to prove this. ❤️

  2. Beautifull. 🙏 Recently I wrote a poem also:
    Woke the beginning of time
    Woken warm water to air
    Nurtured nature to neighbours
    Cocoon woven thread off silk
    land off honey and milk
    will take your breath away
    Woken by nightmares
    Illness or pain
    Guilt or shame
    Love, joy or fame
    Woken with wings allready there
    See the beauty of silk and fresh air
    Dis-cover happiness
    It is like life breathing aware
    Like light energy everywhere
    and never never.

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