Revelation & Awakening: There is no “look” of the world.

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Revelation & Awakening: There is no “look” of the world. There are only ways of looking.

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  1. I lost my job during the pandemic

    I created my YouTube channel in faith, believing for myself, you and the rest of the world 🌍

  2. Oh… I will ask those questions of myself right now… in advance I know I’m there in some areas and not yet experiencing in others Thx

  3. Deepak… I vote for gardens all over the earth for free food for everyone!!! Can we all please imagine this together?! Thank u 🙏

  4. Wahwah AhaAha wonderful dhanyabadDhanyabadDhanyabad thanks DrChopra for wonderful understanding DhanyabadDhanyabadDhanyabad thanks

  5. We are in the same place we have always been having never moved or experienced anything except in our imagination/mind. 🙏

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