Revelation & Awakening: The deeper you go, the higher you fly.

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Revelation & Awakening: The deeper you go, the higher you fly.

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  1. Dhanyabad dhanyabad dhanyabad thanksgretitude thanks Dr Chopra wonderful understanding thanks

  2. Check out Sat Yoga institute on YouTube , superb- for more clarity on this.

  3. Beautiful Message…. some of it went over my head, of course, but it’s fun learning all these profound concepts with an open mind. Thank you so much Dear Teacher!!!

  4. Dr Chopra Thankyou 🙏 maybe the understanding has penetrated through the density of my brain Lol. The difficulty I was having problems with was everything I look at, the chair, my body etc was also formless…yet the formless interacting with itself presented phenomenon of form. Couldn’t get it, & possibly I still haven’t idk. So I asked the formless me to help me understand further…shortly afterwards a lightbulb moment occurred. There you go 🌈

    • Linda..congrats w/ your light bulb moment!!…I fully accept and ‘Get’ Deepak’s ‘punchline’’s the journey along the way to get to that punchline, which I am still having a few challenges in connecting all the Dots

  5. Thank you Deepak. I love what you say about how we see the universe in our own point of view, based upon ur own experiences. We can never know then, totally, what another is experiencing. Love your teachings. 🙏

  6. Deepak..TY..I also follow Joe Dispenza..Abraham Hicks and my go to guy is Eckhart Tolle..
    I understand and accept ‘completely’ your punchline
    …it would be excellent if you could expand on the journey that you presented to ‘ reach’ this punchline, as I seem to still be missing a complete understanding of the connection between
    ‘form’ and ‘the formless’

    Perhaps I should revisit ‘The Matrix’ movie series..just say’n 🙂

    • We can choose to imagine anything in our minds. Not just pictures but all sensory perceptions and these will be as real as we are able to focus on them. We can choose to imagine a general setting like a beach and the details of the beach will fill in by themselves if we allow them to. We might notice seagulls and the smell and feel of the air. If we continue to imagine ourselves there people may appear walking down the beach and might even talk to us in particular words that have been derived from our general feeling/belief of what the beach might be like. This is an example of bringing form to the formless. 🙏

  7. I’ve been wondering if Karma is another word for belief. As a man believes so is given unto she. We see the world we believe we will see. Characters in our dreams seem to act of their own free will with ourselves the viewer usually no more able to predict what they might do than we can in waking life but clearly the characters in our dreams are entirely made of our own imagination.
    Jesus said, In my Father’s house there are many rooms. I will go and make a place for you. Jesus is the prince of Kings who came not to judge the world but he with the Father will judge the world. Jesus I think is said will rise to sit at the right hand of the Father to judge the world. Jacob saw the face of God in the Land of Pineal. I saw this morning on the History channel the eagle looks to the right on the great seal which has 33 feathers and away from the 32 feathers on the left. The eagle is a symbol for the resurrection in the Bible as in Psalms 91? which I feel relates closely to the song Hark the Herald Angels sing Glory to the new born King where “mercy mild” refers to finding judgement by the grace of God. John baptized Jesus in the River Jordan. John means the grace of God. 🙏

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