Revelation & Awakening: Never be anxious

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Revelation & Awakening: Never be anxious

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  1. Blessings
    Thank you very much 🙏
    Always very inspired
    Much love from Germany
    Namaste 💜

  2. I know now my purpose and what my dharma is…I know what qualities I have to project…and the time and the socalled death don’t matter.I’ll chose my projections..till then I have to practice to accept everything with the grace.
    Thank you so much.

  3. OK fear will dissapear the moment the fact that the projections are not real gets fully accepted.And the life is to short to stick to the projjections or give them attention that do not make me happy.
    The happyness counts! It guards the love..that is so precious…

  4. Dearest Deepak can you please help me understand how to better choose purpose ? can you elaborate please more on that?

  5. UF0s is The Way to go. I need help & am T00 “poor” to afford BASIC shelter, on a fixed income, according to the humanoidz-

  6. I love you Deepak. Thank you so much for sharing these brilliant brilliant insights. So wonderful.

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