Revelation & Awakening: Negative entropy and the reversal of aging

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Revelation & Awakening: Negative entropy and the reversal of aging.

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  1. Unus = one, vertere = turn. But here’s a heads up: the English captions for this video incorrectly use the word “victim” where they should say “vrittam”, which is the Sanskrit word for “happening” or “occurrence.”

    • Thank you Andrew for that explanation! I knew something was amiss with that “translation” and then… you were there! 🙏

    • How do you mean that? I figured science often confuses life with complexity… i.e. unless something is complex enough, it cannot be alive or it cannot be conscious.

    • @Corteum9000 The Big Bang theory says the Universe began out of nothing and expanding outwardly extremely hot with no form and hydrogen formed once it cooled enough for electrons to gather around nuclei. Huge clouds of hydrogen came together and in these clouds formed giant Suns. In these Suns were formed the more complex elements that came together when the giant Suns exploded to form smaller suns and solar systems.
      Science, I should say mainstream scientists, describe the process of big things becoming many little things as moving more and more into disorder like throwing water out of a bucket or toothpaste out of a tube as though the water began in a bucket. They bypass the beginning which was before there was any hint of water. Hydrogen was the first element and the word itself says it’s the beginning of water. Many scientists tell us evolving from formless plasma to the Universe we see now is moving to more and more disorder but it seems to me it is moving to more and more order though more complex. The mainstream view is that the Universe came about by chance and is evolving by chance even against much more evidence to the contrary. The scientists who are mostly responsible for the science we use today understood, in my opinion, that the Universe has an intelligence as it’s basis. It’s the celebrity scientists who haven’t discovered anything that put forward this view of randomness that goes against what science actually says. I think Einstein also believed in intelligent design even though he thought it was spooky. It is kinda spooky to me also when first discovering that the world isn’t really real. Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. I think that is because he knew it’s an imaginary universe. 🙏

    • @Imaginary Universe Thank you for taking the time to clarify what you meant. Appreciate it.
      But yeah, i feel the same way…. i feel like much of science today is just dogma presented as facts… it’s more like scientism than actual real science, but it’s what it is, i suppose. And we have to work with what we got, not what we wished for.
      That said, it appears some group wants everyone to come away thinking that we live in a meaningless universe… that it’s only about competition…nihilism, narcissism… perhaps so they can justify their own behaviors or something, idk.
      We live in strange times…. But I’ll admit, it’s pretty exciting, too, though!

  2. Thank you for your incredible work!
    It help so much to stay in tune with the Truth of who we really are.

  3. ‘Faith, science or metaphysics, questions abound while a vast, infinite and uncharted Cosmos, flourishes.’
    By OA Bravo (From the Spatium Upended Trilogy)

  4. I am so happy and so thankfull that you are in this process.
    I know see it makes sense IF one’s serving to the wellbeing

  5. If all activities are processed non locally , then one has to be in transcendental state in order to be in Ritam (rhythm)?

  6. Thank you so much, Dr.!!! But, how do we get in perfect harmony with the vrittam?

  7. Is that what you doing then ” RITAM”? coze you look younger and younger everytime I see you. Cheers

  8. …from a week long process of openning, a 2 minute window avialable,..this is a show ! life long inquiry., and room to grow even still..i love feeling others out there able to play in this realness, and explore..sharing story will be a good time as well., as whale,..projected smile across timespace

  9. Superb!! Love the way you put this in a nutshell for us.✨thank you, Deepak, for all your incredible work on this planet.♥️

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