Revelation & Awakening: Longevity Experiment – The Play and the Metabolism of Time.

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Revelation & Awakening: Longevity Experiment – The Play and the Metabolism of Time.

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  1. Wahwah AhaAha wonderful understanding dhanyabadDhanyabadDhanyabad thanksgretitude dhanyabad dhanyabadDhanyabadDhanyabad Dr. Chopra thanks

  2. Saludos desde jalapa Veracruz México. Me inspira escucharlo maestro. Sigo sus meditaciones y disfruto sus conferencias. Dios ilumina su existencia!

  3. … is your refrigerator running
    (so is your last live stream)
    Dream proves you are linked to a body or you would not wake-up
    You have both DNA that is an active link & DNA no longer linked

  4. I hardly can hear your voice,:
    could you please speak a litle
    louder…. Thank you very much.
    Love from the Netherlands

    • I can hear him just fine using my iPhone. Turning up volume can’t be done by you on your device?

    • I have also Iphone. But stil the voice is low And for not english speaker it is rather difficult to listen/hear

  5. Using ego as an internal referent point we have this moviment that generates “time”! I was in the track of time as movinent, thank you for the insigt! (…so if we lose the ego…time disapear😉)

  6. I have always felt very strongly about these longevity concepts. What is more fascinating? Very few people that I know understand these ideas or believe they have meaningful control over their lives in this way. I will be a committed participant & have been committed to these ideas since 1983. My commitment has paid off big time. I humbly feel I may have something to contribute if only in sincerity as a seeker. Thank you so much.

  7. September 14, 2021 my daughter what happened 37 years old. She passed away 27 years ago. I am grateful for the 10 year here on earth with my India!🌻

  8. I always believed in my hart (and always told my family and friends) that I would live until I am 120 years old. I would be very interested to join your group.

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