Revelation & Awakening: Longevity Experiment – Reversing the Arrow of Time

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Revelation & Awakening: Longevity Experiment – Reversing the Arrow of Time. Identify with Spirit instead of entangled stress.

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Mind Body Zone is a brand new podcast on @Audible hosted by Deepak Chopra and helping to shift our focus from our stories and to embrace our dharma. Click here to get started –

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  1. You are one of my favorite teachers. I’m a registered nurse. My great grandfather was a Native American Cherokee Indian intuitive and I inherited his gift. I have been hand drawing butterflies for world peace since 2014. My butterflies live in healing Temples around the world. I published a book with my work and I feed the homeless with the proceeds. I recently mass produce my butterflies for my community for the children during this corona virus pandemic and I have gifted 100,000 little butterfly stickers for the children. People have contacted me to tell me they were about to commit suicide but then he looked at my butterflies so it made him not kill themselves. You have been such a inspiration in my life I started following your work about 15 years ago and it’s brought a lot of wisdom into my life. I thank you for this. You are an amazing teacher ♥️

  2. Thank you Deepak. Your ability to stay focused at an airport is educational. You are stress free spirit.

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    • … changing your perspective without changing awareness= a flawed reality
      like a fake pair of glasses=> & proof you can tell the difference

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