Revelation & Awakening: Longevity Experiment – Meta Reality

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Revelation & Awakening: Longevity Experiment – Meta Reality

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Mind Body Zone is a brand new podcast on @Audible hosted by Deepak Chopra and helping to shift our focus from our stories and to embrace our dharma. Click here to get started –

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  1. I am the field and knower of the field – does it imply the level of unity consciousness?

  2. Read [TBG] & personal studies on the Religeous & Spiritual aspects of Yoga same approx 🕰 & year 👁experienced levitation during 3rd practice of meditation lol
    🔄👉😅👐 my copy on the fountain table next to the blue mat in front of the table-top
    Zen Garden 👁 forget about that & similar experiences. Thank you for the reminder ✌🏼👶💚 Baby-Buddha-Butt (affectionately) 🆗

  3. Thank you…..!!!☘
    It is my request, please explain more on ‘Bhagwadgita’ , I want to listen……..!!!!
    what I was learn, listen & study Bhagwadgita… totally different from what you have explained… !!!!!!!

  4. Do you think this is Deepak-ji motel room or office area? Great that he’s doing vdo for us wherever he is. Blessings and appreciation.

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