Revelation & Awakening: Joy is independent of happiness and sadness.

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Revelation & Awakening: Joy is independent of happiness and sadness.

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  1. Thank you for all your teachings dear Dr. Deepak Chopra. Joy has been my gift and signature! Joy is… agree. ❤️

  2. I love these bit I struggle sometimes with hearing your voice well. I’m using good quality earphones and still it’s a bit difficult.

  3. hmm… in science, you can’t add (cold) to anything=> only energy taken away
    in waveform, there is no space between photons
    The joy of evil… is the art of a deal

  4. In other words we are the assigners of meaning to everything in our reality. The meaning that we give determines the effect that we get.If we only give positive meaning, we get positive results. Joy is our signature frequency. Our connection to our soul. Our natural state of Being.🌞

  5. The quantum healing did not reverse your age you’ll getting old just like the rest of us you mumbo jumbo poo

  6. THANKYOU Dr Deepak Chopra 🙏 much appreciation…listening to your conversation helps very very much to keep me grounded & on the path I choose to be walking 💜

    • I haven’t seen Satsung streamed either. Maybe only for those who JOIN ? Seems to be a difference to those who Subscribe? IDK 🙏

  7. Sat 🕉chit 🕉ananda 🕉 thank u🙏Danke 🙏gracias 🙏 Deepak! To remain us; I AM JOY !!! 🌅

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