Revelation & Awakening: Bliss is knowing that you are not a person

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Revelation & Awakening: Bliss is knowing that you are not a person.

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  1. Wah wah Aha aha dhanyabadDhanyabadDhanyabad thanksgretitude Dr Chopra DhanyabadDhanyabadDhanyabad thanksgretitude dhanyabad

    • Are you CERTAIN that you are a doctor, Susheel?

      You type like a five year-old GIRL. 😀

  2. As my awareness expands your words take on a new meaning. Ever evolving at my own pace yet along with you… my expanded self walking ahead of me. I am grateful

  3. When there is o person one is relaxed all the time A big relief And that is Bliss🙏🙏😀🌺😄🌸

  4. I am ” a consciousness” like an ocean, and my body is like a fish swimming in it. Water is all around me, the medium through which I pass. The water flows in the gills of the fish, all the gills of my fish go through… and the ocean is one. I experienced and felt what I went through from a different perspective. As evidence to erase all memories in our bodies, leave only the consciousness, then connect our consciousness, and feel who we are??

  5. Atman is the same as Jesus Christ. Rev. 1-5 Jesus Christ is the faithful witness and the first begotten of the dead. Who’s dead? The one Jesus Christ is aware of. I think Christ might be called the son of God in the Bible as the resurrected and Jesus the son of man as the crucifixion or sacrificed. A man was first sacrifice himself in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, I see as meaning the idea of ourselves as being a separate being. People go to hell like branches pruned from the vine are piled in a heap for burning when they are not fruitful. The vine is the life and the branches are the ideas formed from the Life. The branches pruned are just letting go of bad ideas when we see them like the people inside the walls of Jericho or what the boy sneezed out when Elijah rose him from the dead. We can’t go to heaven if we believe we or any person could possibly go to hell. No worries though beliefs are ‘just a spring clean for the May Queen”. 🙏

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