Relationship PREDICTIONS—7th House Ruler in ALL 12 HOUSES!

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Relationship PREDICTIONS—7th House Ruler in ALL 12 HOUSES!

In this video, which was originally created as an exclusive tutorial for the Cosmic Community, Heather discusses the "Relationship Ruler" in the birth chart, how to find it, and interpretations for its placement in all 12 astrological houses!

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  1. Heather, I Notice in Johnny Depp’s Chart He Has Issues with His Mother…North Node in Cancer 12th, Ceres and Pluto in the 2nd and Moon in Capricorn 6th
    Ruler of the 7th Mercury Libra in the 8th Yeah…Deep ISSUES…Venus conjunct Neptune Scorpio 9th/ Grand Water Trine/ Mystic Rectangle/ Ascendant Pisces

    • jonny depp the movie star used to hang out with his parents at the KOA campground in okeechobee florida on many occasions and from what my camping friends say his parents are awsome and they have a very loving relationship, so this is first hand info, so i dont know where you get your info but i would question the truthfullness of it⚠️

    • @Association Of Metaphysical Stores My quick analysis comes from the fact that his North Node in Cancer representing not only mothering energy and expressing his emotions but also hidden enemies, the subconscious mind. Also, Ceres is a feminine asteroid also representing nurturing with it being conjunct Pluto that’s unexpected volatility. Lastly, with the Moon being in Capricorn which represents the mother and in the 6th house of enemies, daily routines he had a very authoritative up bringing. Nonetheless, I don’t totally dismiss other truths especially from those who knew him best and the horses mouth. This was just my quick analysis.

  2. My 7th house ruler is Saturn. It’s Rx in my 2nd house of Virgo, and is conjunct my Moon and North Node. I married a man who had nothing, but he ended up supporting me and my kids. I was stuck in a toxic, abusive situation as such. Now I”m with a man who is a builder, and working on creating my own stability outside of him. That Saturn is trine my 6th house Venus in Capricorn. We want to build something together that brings in money. So far, this has played out in my life. I just need to make sure I have my own resources and something solid outside of the relationship. I think my SN in the 8th speaks to this, too.

  3. 41:05 7th Ruler in the 12th House.
    25:24 (Second Marriage) 9th Ruler in the 5th.
    Thank you Heather!

  4. My 7th house is in Capricorn, so ruled by Saturn. My Saturn is in 5th house. Does that mean my 7th house ruler is in 5th house?

    • Me as well! Was married twice and didn’t take. The reason? I finally met my true love at age 55. 💕

    • thats quite a journey! and Im glad you didnt quit! My issue is that I attract very intense and toxic people and I’ve realized that its a reflection of the same darkness and intensity I carry in my heart. Part of the problem is that I’d rather be alone than compromise my integrity for anyone, and often my partners are attracted to what I project rather than who I really am. Im an Aquarius Sun, Sag Moon, Tau Rising, but I have a Capricorn Stellium and too much 8th house placements, so my inner turmoil is often hidden and my snaps of anger can be shocking to those who dont know me well. My chart is a mess!!

  5. My 7th house rulers are neptune (in the 5th) and Jupiter (in the 12th). He wrote a letter to a music magazine talking about his favourite bands (music was and still is our passion) so I added him on MSN. We were in a long distance relationship for four years until we moved in together.

  6. I love how in the 12th house institutions brothel was just thrown in there near all the holy places. 😂🤣😅

  7. I’m a Gemini ascendent. My 7th house ruler, Jupiter, is in Scorpio in my 6th house. It’s conjunct my sun, Pluto and Mercury.

  8. Interesting, I’m cancer rising, Capricorn in the 7th house, Saturn in the 1st house. Before my 30th birthday, I had a 4 year older boyfriend, Saturn return and my boyfriends were all younger than I, evermore younger men seems to like me more….Taurus Sun, Venus in the 10th house…All of the relationships I was introduced to in my work environment. I am not married yet and do not intend to…And yes I approached all my relationships….

    • Woaa I am a capricorn rising with cancer in the 7th with my moon in the 1st. Hehe

  9. Isn’t Venus represent the wife and Jupiter the husband? Thank you Heather ♥️💜❤️

  10. I have a Scorpio 7th house, I have pluto in Scorpio there and mars in Virgo 5th house. I’m glad I watched this video it was interesting to watch, I’m 30 years old and not married yet and I don’t have kids either, but this video was still fun to watch and thank you very much Heather 💖💖

  11. This is crazy! I can relate to this video so much! Everything that you explained is exactly what my husband and I have experienced! Smh…

  12. Jupiter is my 7th house ruler and it’s in my first house conjunct my ASC and widely conjunct Venus (also in my first house)

    I have no planets or luminaries in my 7th.

    I’ve not been abundantly lucky in romantic relationships with others. I’m starting to think my true love is art and the expansion of life itself.

    My Jupiter makes only one other aspect and that is a close trine to my MC.

  13. I have 7H ruler (Merc) in the 12th, and I’ve had recurring experience with keeping new romantic relationships secret from some one specific mutual friend that knows both me & the new partner out of worry that the new union might upset that mutual friend. (7H ruler is conjunct my 11H/6H ruler Venus, btw.)

    Since I’ve already had one very marriage-like relationship, I also paid extra attention to the description of the ruler in the 11th house, where my 9H ruler is hanging out, and it did sound delightfully spot-on for my current live-in relationship.

  14. My 7th house ruler is Mercury. Interestingly I married a Virgo when I was 19, but we divorced after 7 years. I am 62 now, and in love with another Virgo! His 7th house ruler is Jupiter.

  15. 7th house ruler (Saturn) in my 8th house. My Saturn return started off with me becoming a widow and hope to have come full circle and met my next partner. A very deep dark connection that is so 8th house vibes.

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