Reaching Out To YOUR SPIRITUAL Guides For SUPREME Wisdom & Love | Kim Russo, Lee Harris

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Do you feel as if you’re lacking direction, guidance or a CLEAR PATH? You can connect with your Spirit Guides and they can communicate with you! We hear from the MASTERS of connecting with the guides; Kim Russo, Lee Harris, Sandra Ingerman and Colette Baron Reid.

In this compilation you’ll learn WHAT our spirit guides are here to do FOR US, WHO they are and HOW we can connect further with them. This is a MUST WATCH if you want to meet with your spirit guides!

Full interviews with the guests:
Kim Russo –
Lee Harris –
Sandra Ingerman –
Colette Baron-Reid –

00:00:00 – Promo
00:00:51 – Kim Russo
00:15:36 – Lee Harris
00:31:47 – Sandra Ingerman
00:45:52 – Colette Baron-Reid

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  1. Eek 2 days in a row of my favorite light workers…Kim and Michael 😇😇super excited

    • @Rose C It’s a compilation of 4 different interviews.

  2. Because they’re like one consciousness but a couple of them or if you are more than a few I don’t know let’s see what she’s gonna say they don’t like

  3. Oh wow so of course we have different guides for different lifetimes of course this lifetime

  4. This is Wonderful! Compilation interviews are the best, to see and hear different perspective that resonate or not. And it’s learning in the present so we are co-creating the future or so the beyond.

  5. Thanks Michael, I really liked this format. All different perspectives with the same goal…🙏🙏🙏 blessings love and light🌞♌🌛🌠 and roo roo too🐔

  6. Smiling through trauma in videos. Referring to a comment I wrote in response to one of your previous videos, I have been noticing in recent videos many women smiling or laughing while discussing their painful experiences. I have brought this up in my comments to talented Youtubers like yourself, trying to get people to critique this contradiction between trauma talk accompanied with happy expressions. I found this interesting paper in the journal Psychology Today (posted Sept. 4, 2015, Parts 1 and 2), authored by Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C, DAPA, a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and the founder of the Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Training and Educaion.
    Here’s an exerpt === “Smiling or laughing while disclosing painful experiences can serve several different functions. It’s important to process the deeper intention and the unspoken communication that often lurks underneath when appropriate affect doesn’t match the content. Here are some possible reasons to explore in therapy.” Although I didn’t see this issue among these wonderful authors that you interviewed in this video, I thought you might find this article interesting.

  7. I think this video was trimmed just at the point I was intently listening to. She said there’s a few things we can do with hitchhikers.
    But we just got the one .
    Anyone any suggestions for any other actions we can take or even a link to the original?
    Thank you

    • Attachments: energy vampires…clear your aura, sage, frequency, reiki, crystals…so many youtube videos…

  8. This is a re upload… cool to see her transformation into even more growth

  9. Did she say “a huge asian influence”? At around 9.40. And what’s with the cuts now again…? Why didn’t you answer or let her elaborate?

  10. Excellent Video! Kim, when will you do readings again? I would love to spare with you ♡

  11. Wow! Kinda cool to here the prophecy of Lee Harris come true of the years after 2019 ….

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