PSYCHIC New Moon in Cancer—COSMIC RESET! Weekly Astrology Forecast for All 12 Signs!

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PSYCHIC New Moon in Cancer—COSMIC RESET! Weekly Astrology Forecast for All 12 Signs!

Weekly astrology forecast for July 5th through July 11th, 2021

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  1. love you heather! so good to see your smiling face on this saturday morning on the east coast 🙂

  2. this week✨3:08
    next week✨28:51

  3. meeting new people at a fitness club next week during the new moon for a new hobby (leo rising) and make friends eventually! ✌️

    • @destiny child It’s been hard for me, too. I’m just glad I watch these and similar forecasts. I knew it was coming and just kept my head down. I definitely felt it too, though. Hugs to you. 🤗

  4. Hey, just wanted to say that I love your insight, communication style and forecasts:) keep it up and thank you very much

  5. thank you for all you do. Your site is soooo informative.

  6. always lookinf forwards to your videos! thank you kindly for the messages!

  7. Missing the longer general forecasts I gotta say. Also gotta say you’re a total relief to wake up to each week, thank you🌺

  8. My Venus is exhalted and the ruler of my chart. Should I be looking there, also?

  9. The New Moon I happening 5 deg from my N.N. in 2nd House(Whole House S.), in 3rd(Placidus/Koch)
    I guess it still applies as a conjunction?
    Thank you

  10. Spot on Heather. Making the big move this week, to concentrate more on my ‘side hustle’, passion. Astrology and reiki. Sagittarius sun ❤

  11. Thank you, Heather…many of us look forward to more even / less turbulent / challenging energies. Something to look forward to and anticipate. Appreciate it.

  12. I am a Taurus sun and moon, with a Gemini rising, I am feeling this frustrating energy already! Like everything, this too shall pass! 💜

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