Psychic Intuition: The Skeptical – Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know

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Psychic Intuition: The Skeptical
Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know
A conversation with Deepak & Nancy du Tertre: The Extraordinary is the Ordinary

In this conversation, Deepak and Nancy du Tertre discuss intuition, extrasensory perception and skeptic phenomena based on the understanding of awareness and her experiences in psychokinesis.
How do we access this information? Is it accurate?
What is a virtual reality?
How do we transform the ways we think?
Are out-of-body experiences real?
What is remote viewing?
Is remote healing a true phenomenon?
Can you access people who have passed?

Bio for Nancy du Tertre

Nancy du Tertre, known as “The Skeptical Psychic,” is an attorney who did not begin life with any psychic skills or paranormal experiences. She is unique among most psychics because she was not born with these “gifts.” Nancy is 100 percent trained. She now teaches others how to learn these abilities.

Author, How to Talk to Aliens and Skeptic Intuition
Host, Hot Leads Cold Cases, Para-X and CBS Radios, Fridays 8-9 EST

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  1. Thank you for everything, Dr Chopra. Your own quest is a reflection of mine! Appreciate your work!

  2. Greatly reaffirms many of my thoughts/intuitions, thanks! I will get this book, dive deeper, and learn/train more 🙏
    If anyOne would like to connect remotely and practice together, leave a reply. Thanks in advance, gratitude allllways 💚🌟

  3. Is great when Dr Chopra ask about the person to talk with, personally, to me is very important to know who is the person and the experience she/he has about the matter is talking or the book is offering. In fact, one of the points I follow as “it is”, is because is said by Dr Chopra due he is a Dr and he knows about it not only because his experience but also because his professional background. So thanks again Dr Chopra to show us the way to be in peace and happy with ourself

  4. Please let her speak. We want to hear her experience and knowledge. DC just be quiet, that’s also an Indian tradition.

    • That is disrespectful. It is his channel, he is very enthusiastic speaking to her (and seemed very grateful) and natural non-rehearsed conversations run like this, ideas bouncing back and forth. He is not a reporter, nor talk show host.

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