Personal Memories of Reincarnation and Past Lives

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If we can believe that consciousness continues after the death of the body, what about existence through multiple lifetimes? Personal memories of reincarnation and past lives can provide powerful proof for the persistence of the soul. Dr. Raymond Moody shares stories of people who have found their own connection to previous lives.

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  1. I try forget my past lifes, it turn to be a total Chaos, but my heart never give up from the Big Dream, awakening consciousness 💖

  2. When I was a teenager my ex bf was trying to shoot this bird high in a tree with his bebe rifle. He tried a few times and missed every time. I asked him can I try. And I have never used a rifle or any gun in my life. My first go, I took a shot and you see the bird fall from the tree. Both I and my ex was surprised. Years later I had a past life reading done and the woman told me in one of my past lives I was a hunter and protector of my village. She said I was very skilled and thorough. Made a lot of sense.
    *I am sorry I took that bird’s life though, looking back. 😔

    • Can you suggest me with whom i can do my reincarnation bcoz i want to know who iam

    • I am sorry to tell you this, but shooting from a gun really isn’t any hard. I don’t think you need any prior experience to be very good at it.. some people simply have this talent.

    • @Aldraz That’s not true at all. People train to become good shots. Some are naturally gifted and some put in the time and effort to learn to aim and shoot with precision. We literally have people in the military who are specifically trained to shoot with precision. They’re called snipers.
      *I would caution on thinking anyone can just point a gun at a desired target and make the shot. That’s how people or animals can unintentionally be injured or even be killed.*

  3. Everyone believes in something
    I just frown at how the more ridiculous the assertions become with no objective verifiable evidence to support it

  4. Wait, if you did the same thing day after day, it wouldn’t be at all hard to go back as long as you had been doing that. You would only have to ever remember back one day. No religion…

  5. In nature everything is in cycles. Days, seasons, etc. so why do we think our lives is any different. If u asked a plant abt it’s life it will only tell u how it was once a small sprout till it grew to it’s present state. What it won’t know is how it used to be a fruit in it’s previous live. And it will also tell you how every plant dies except it is wrong, it will be cultivated and replanted over n over again live everything in nature.

  6. I’ve always thought I was reincarnated, and I am not going to come back again!

  7. I dont want to come back here though lol
    And yes i know that is the sense of my ego saying that, but seriously the spirit realm has to be pretty ignorant to the physical realm to persistently keep coming back to this asylum of a society.
    Let me be anything else but a human next time

  8. I think God pushed me down here too because I remember falling fast from the sky. It was very fast and I’m sure I didn’t want to come here because I hate it here. I’m only here because of my children.

  9. My daughter talks about her past life as a married man in France. She has told me many details even describes the town, his wife, location on map, link to my moms – moms bloodline, and has even mentioned being a woman in the life before that one!

  10. What lovely stories Dr. Moody told about his conversations with his children when they were young.
    It lifted me up.
    Thank you for sharing 🙏💞

  11. Kinda like taking trips in the car…

    Sometimes we’re late, in a traffic jam, people are rude and you can’t wait for it to be over
    Then, other times
    The sun is just right, reflecting beautiful views, you love the person you’re with and the whole trip is smiles and great conversation. Then, you look forward to the next fun-filled adventure.

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