“People Will Turn On You” Prepare Yourself To Stand Alone Strong!

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  1. Well it’s becoming real day by day.. we just need to hold on a little bit longe, much love everyone :))

  2. Yes indeed!!! I’d reither stand alone then follow the crowd. Standing in my truth of what I believe in.

  3. Yes some people are for Saturn and some are in Jupiter ! Everybody just turned on me this past week 🤯 they see that I’m going in a different direction

    • It’s tough losing people to something that should unite us instead or to spark an intelligent conversation. What I have noticed more and more is that there are places and times to spoon feed people and others where you can let loose. Remember, where people aren’t even looking, you have went out full fledge searching for the truth. Stay inspired👊🏾💯❤

    • I’ve got rising Jupiter and Saturn in 7th. Cancer ascendant and Capricorn descendant. Can you tell me your view of that opposition?

    • @Javier Villar I’m talking about the conjunction where Saturn and Jupiter got closer but look up a YouTube call babyjay1

    • Stay focused the right people will find you. Separate yourself from everything and everyone that is not for your growth…. wish you the best 🖤

  4. Now more than ever we have to be strong and stick to our intuition and truths. Your real ones and soul tribe will show up and be there to reflect your authentic self. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Much love fellow deep divers!!

    • God herds sheep. That’s my belief. Just fyi. I do respect your belief. The Universe creates all, I may be wrong, but, IT’S it. I hope that makes sense. Peace.

    • That’s how easy it is…. Hence why it’s hard. When the truth is in your face it’s hard to accept it. For example we don’t need clothes but… I’m tricked into thinking I need them. I simply don’t

  5. You have to always be prepared for the heaviest of times, including friends becoming strangers.

  6. What’s meant for you is already aligning.
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  7. It feels very heavy at the moment. This weeks been hard and very lonely indeed 🥺

  8. To go against the stream actually takes more courage and power than it is to follow.

  9. FACTS. I’m used to being alone, my whole life I’ve never fit in. I’m ok with being alone. I find I’m happiest. 💜

    • Hi there, I was just thinking the same. My whole life I have not really felt important by anyone, never fitted in, always a loner. So it’s not like anything new, or it’s not like I’m loosing anything, because it was never there in the first place.

    • Me too Rebecca. I don’t care anymore. Less drama that way. I link with the people who really love me.

    • It can be exhausting to be with people you don’t resonate with, better to be alone.

    • I agree with you 100% my sister! Being an “outcast” can definitely have it’s perks. It makes you invisible to most & allows you to peacefully sit back and observe people for who they truly are and not the projection they want you to see.

  10. Definitely not feeling alone or exclusive. Far from lonely.

  11. “They tried to bury us… They forgot we are seeds” 🙏🏻

  12. “Do not feel alone, you have the entire universe inside of you”

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