Pentagon Confirms Leaked Photos and Videos of UFOs are REAL

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We hear the stories of pilots encountering UFOs and think that this will never be officially acknowledged, but that is exactly what is happening as the Pentagon is releasing videos of Navy jets encountering UAPs. Nick Pope discusses the waxing congressional interest in the reality of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

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    • You claim that you want the information to be for everyone. Then stick a charge on it to be seen.
      How are you different from anyone else?????

  1. I love this channel 💙 the interviews are intellectually mind blowing 🤯, but I learn greatly every interview I watch.

    • Apart from Dark Matter. Which Light cannot penetrate of course. Dark matter just eats it up.

    • I AM DARKNESS….there can only be light in my presence and only while that wave which is light is still in motion….only darkness is eternal.

  2. Nick is a gentleman who actually took the time to reply to me about this same subject

  3. Thanking both of you, anything is possible. I/’ve had two encounters, it’s all very real . I am hoping to meet George in Everette Washington next visit.

    • @Susan Smith I completely agree. Anything is possible. Like you, me and my wife have both seen a ufo on two separate occasions. Totally mind blowing and what seemed to be breaking fundamental laws of physics.

    • @George Kot did either of you experience time loss, what state are you in? I’m in Seattle.

  4. Someone UFOs don’t exist
    Pentagon : Hold my official acknowledgement
    Also someone : UFOs still don’t exist. .
    Me : We ignore, deride and deny these things not because they aren’t true. . . but because they are. 👽✔

  5. It is indeed possible. All our SF from Star Trek to The X-Files, Babylon 5, Stargate and Dark Matter to name just a few have helped to prepare us. 🛸👽🖖🏻

    • Hollywood loves to show us hints of reality in movies that we think is science fiction…

    • @Rizztana The anniversary years for SF classics can particularly cause much resonating energies. I know that because Star Trek’s 50th helped me get through a very severe dark night of the soul. Doctor Who’s 50th was significantly helpful for me too. 🖖🏻🖖🏼🖖🏽🖖🏾🖖🏿

    • The truth is so much more than what’s in the shows though. See CE-5. These are spiritual beings and sometimes the crafts are the being. This is beyond death & beyond socio-political ideas.

    • @Moon Watch That’s what I’m now learning more about from reading Alan Steinfeld’s Making Contact which I highly recommend. 🌌⚛️☮️

  6. Anyone else notice the orbs surrounding the UAP’s I’ve seen them in almost every ufo video but they are never talked about

    • I did wonder the same if you refer to that large black circular shape above this UAP. So a really cold area in infrared view?

  7. Last night around 10 pm , my husband and I watched ten orbs flying low in formation straight across the San Fernando Valley heading towards Edwards. Somebody must have gotten a picture of it.

    • @Bobbi Cat same story all the time. Grainy pictures or videos. You can beg the aliens all you want to come for you. Not gonna happen because it doesnt exist. Lochness monster starts all over again.

    • Starlink as an easy coverup for invasion. Lol. I love my Starlink.

    • Yesterday morning at 545am Western Australian time I went out to the backyard to take a leak in the spot I usually do.
      As I looked up into the morning night sky as I usually do while urinating I witnessed an orb of light that shot away suddenly and silently in a beam of light that looked just like a Star Trek ship going into warp drive.

      I have separate personal video footage of a small orb I witnessed whilst in the belly of the Draw an Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand.

    • I wasn’t a shooting star either as it was beaming away. I have seen many shooting stars per se whilst working deep and remotely in the Pilbara region of Western Australia doing the same thing, taking a leak and looking up at the galaxy. I have also seen a lot of space junk burning up on re- entry in the Pilbara too which what I saw yesterday also was not.

  8. So is the Covid-19 jabs so we don’t make the aliens sick 😂

  9. I was visited one night by the Hopi Kachinas a year ago..Hopi Prophecy is spot on and we are in the Great Purification era right now.
    They are as real as you and I.

  10. It is NOT possible for us as in earth to be possibly visited, Earth IS being visited! E.T. has returned! And brought his friends and family!!

  11. @10:44 go to Tucson Arizona.
    If it be answers you want..
    ask around👍👍

  12. My mother was at a quarry in the 60s in Scotland and she has always said she saw a round metal disc, it was like two deep plates on top each other with three metal legs beside a tree she knew cos of this the object being beside a treeit was not very large she ran away cos she was a child kinda cool ..I have never doubted my mother as there no reason I would

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