Pay Attention Sex, Death, and Science: Conversation with Deepak Chopra & John Hogan

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Pay Attention Sex, Death, and Science: Conversation with Deepak Chopra & John Hogan

John Horgan is an award-winning science journalist and Director of the Center for Science Writings at Stevens Institute of Technology. His books include The End of Science, a U.S. bestseller translated into thirteen languages; The Undiscovered Mind; Rational Mysticism; The End of War and Mind-Body Problems. Horgan has written for The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and National Geographic. He writes a popular column for Scientific American and produces "Mind-Body Problems" for the online talk show


My Twitter handle is @Horganism.
My personal website is
My last book, Mind Body Problems, is available online for free at
I host a video podcast, also called Mid-Body Problems, on which Deepak has been a guest, at

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