Patch Parables Season 2 Complete

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Following in last week's compilation, Patch Parables returns with Season 2! A full half-hour of parables for you to enjoy! Cheers!

The Parables in this video were animated by Kevin Zaw, Anthony Farrow, Jordan River, Brad Jackson, Michelle Maturana, and Nikola Weryk!

This video was created by Team Spirit
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  1. i show patch parables to my friends kids to tech them lessons that no-one in our commnutie can tech them

  2. I Truly Appreciate your InnerG & Channel.

    Thank you kindly beautiful Soul 🧚‍♀️

  3. Emotional trauma can win over you…ONLY IF YOU LET IT! The heart is where your truest and eternal self resides. It is the absolute and complete foundation of your core being. Let it guide you. The heart has always been beside you. 🙏🏽🌿💚


  5. Here’s another wisemen saying: “it’s when you see a mosquito landing on your balls that you’re realize that… you can’t handle everything with violence “😉😂

    Or May be it was a wise guy who come up with this one, not the wisemen😁 –

  6. The parable of turtles reminded me of those rag pickings chiffonniers who used to come in our house to collect empty bottles n garbages and whenever we offered them shelter n school in our house they declined our offers n said they find it easier to live in the streets.i guess they enjoyed their freedom from the society and distrusted anyone outside their street family.they must be grown men by now.i hope they are safe in this times of pandemic.

  7. This channel used to be raw af , and dripping with sacred knowledge ….. what happened ?

    • you don’t like our cartoons? We post parables saturday morning. Did you not see that we post 4 videos a week, with a WIDE array of subjects covered?

  8. These guys are scammers feeding off of people like us all looking for answers and comfort. They are charging $500 for a stupid shirt that they claim “ raises your energy” well guess what? A trash bag would do the same thing is someone you looked up to and respected told you it did. Don’t fall for their scam emails or program these guys are not coming from their hearts with the prices they charge take notice take caution. No one as spiritual as these guys could possibly feel good about what they charge us it’s sad and pathetic. I have loads of spiritual related books from different authors with free access if anyone wants to learn FOR FREE! These guys are no better than the main stream news media they speak of manipulating and abusing us. Much love ❤️

    • hey Bri! Perhaps you haven’t actually fully been reading our emails or the pages. The shirts are designed as a spirit mysteries exclusive, for our sacred gatherings of members where we will wear the shirts together during our live courses and events, as well as gatherings such as to Rythmia and other meditation retreats.

      Thus, the 500$ is simply a demonstration of its value, but the shirt IS available for much less for members, as well as we have a special offer right now for people who wish to enroll for one month and get the shirt with their enrollment – which gets you your shirt, or your enrollment, for free (depending on which you pick).

      The shirt is deeply custom, and every cut, trim, and fold and even the fabric itself were chosen out of the highest quality standards you can have, and the design took over a year to finalize. This truly will be very quickly your favourite article of clothing, but no – we’re not just trying to scam people for 500. I am not anticipating ANYONE buying it at that price lol.

  9. Timestemps anyone?
    0:17 Young Archer
    3:30 Butterfly Dream
    6:12 Sacred Turtle
    9:11 The Smuggler
    11:39 Holy Man
    14:19 The Ego
    17:15 Ritual Cat
    21:49,5 Full Cup
    25:34 Free Dom

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