Patch Parables Season 1 Complete

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Recently we asked the audience what might make Patch Parables more interesting, and the overwhelming majority said “they’re too short!” Now, the time it takes to fully draw and animate a parable is actually exceptionally high, but here’s a balanced compensation – a compilation of all of Season 1 of Patch Parables! Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Yes!!! This is exactly what you needed to do. I have been a huge fan since 2017. I love your longer videos because I can watch them as entertainment. Or fall asleep to them. I’ve watched some of them 50 times. Videos are so eye opening!!! Love it!!!!!

  2. This channel is amazing! It’s crazy that you sont get more recognition. Maybe it’s just so you may reach those who will truly appreciate these messages you share. Much love❤

  3. Let this be a Vibrational Reminder.
    “The Great Game”
    “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.”

    Like the candle, we are the light in this world of darkness.

    We will not diminish.

    We will not be extinguished.

    We shine out the dark.

    We are the Light of this World.

    No darkness can extinguish yOUR light.

    With too much light, one is blinded.

    With too much darkness, one is unable to see.

    Through balance and harmony of both light and darkness, one is able to see with perfect clarity.

    We are the Balance (I AM).

    Always know yOUR greatness.

    Always know we are overcoming all.

    Inside out always for we are all ways.

    One Love

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