Part 2} Creating Reality, Ancient Knowledge, E.T. Communication | YAC Podcast ~ Sarah Adams

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Hi, my name is Justin, and I am a metaphysical teacher and long time observer. I study Quantum Physics, Quantum Jumping, the Law Of Attraction, and the nature of reality. Let's explore this magnificent dimension together…

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  1. Oh I’ve been looking forward to this all week, I’m watching these 2 videos every day until it’s sunken in 💯% So much Gratitude to you both for this amazing advice🙏🏻❤️✨🌳

  2. Yeees! I saw this pop up & came running 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️💨💨. She is the 1st person I’ve seen (though it’s just through this video…still beyond excited) connected to the guardian of the akashic records & so much more. That is my goal to meet my guardian of my akashic records & the council, etc

  3. “We live within this reality we create, and we’re quite unaware of how we create the reality.”
    “Changing your internal world is how you change your external reality”

  4. I love what she says about the planets. I love it and will be doing what they asked her to tell us.

  5. The Vedas let you know that you are connected to every planet💙 look into Hinduism

  6. This is absolute gold thank you this is exactly what I’ve been looking for because I knew there was knowledge I did not have after learning about Mark passio I wanted to find some thing like this

  7. A thousand thank yous 🙏would not be enough! But… thank you for this brother!

  8. Wow 🤩 the more I heard her the most amazed I’m, thank you to bring this interview to us 😍

  9. I love this channel. I’ve gained so much knowledge from here……THANK YOU!!!! 😁😀

  10. Thank you for sharing this video of Sarah. There’s few things that I did agree about connecting to the moons. Yes I has noticed faith belief, and you meditate! Go to the beach at night or in your balcony, or by your swimming pool, you face to the starts an moons, you see at night. You will know the vibration in your body you be receiving, that feel like Electric… to me you are receiving it. Now toxic, I have also noticed in the sky, that’s there’s some clouds like feather, like clouds are painted that how it’s looks, to me it’s metal flying tiny in the clouds at we are in the ground, we are breathing it, with us not knowing… we do loose metal in the clouds with time, Going around the world… Sarah is pretty interesting. Thank you.

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