“Overcome The Peer Pressure Today” Prepare Yourself Emotionally To Say No!

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  1. May the outcome be in your favor, trust there is a greater plan for you. Give thanks.
    NEW BOOK FEEL ALIVE BY RALPH SMART NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.ralphsmart.com/thebook
    ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM NOW: http://www.instagram.com/officialralphsmart
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    • Ralph! Gaslighting just fills my tank and lights my way😉♾️🤯 the gaslighters try to lead you away from your purpose so just go the way they aren’t pointing ☝️❤️✌️

    • I shared you with my sister and today she sent me this link. We are pretty Discerning people and we both like you a lot

    • Hey Ralph I’m wondering if you know about medicinal mushrooms curing all cancers?

  2. May the outcome be in your favor, trust there is a greater plan for you. Give thanks.

    • Hey Ralph I’m wondering if you know about medicinal mushrooms curing all cancers?

    • Hey Ralph I’m wondering if you know about medicinal mushrooms curing all cancers?

  3. I am a 13 year old who is experiencing a deep spiritual awakening! I love everyone in this community for supporting me through my last comments! I just wanted to make you aware that I have a channel on YouTube and I am going to keep you updated on my spiritual journey on there! As always much love to you 😊❤️👍🙌

    • Just a note, I haven’t really posted much spiritual content but I am going to start soon! I also already have a video up about the Law of attraction 😊

    • @Cerulean hmm maybe 13 is the age of awakening 🤔 thank you for commenting and supporting me ❤️💜🙌

  4. “You’ve got to STAND for something, or you’ll FALL for anything.” 👁🌟

  5. In these times, true authenticity exists only against the grain of society.

    • Good thing I’ve been doing that since birth. Not even exaggerating. Literally crawled backwards as a baby according to my mom, was the most hilarious thing she’s ever seen lol

  6. “Nothing is more powerful than you standing in your truth, than you standing in your freedom.” You can say that again!!

    • @Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) you have inspired my husband and I and we tried to catch you every day. A couple of weeks ago I shared you with my sister and today she sent me a link feeling that I needed to listen to your message today and she was correct. Thank you so much

  7. Always gotta exercise the use of the word “no”. Sometimes people assume you’ll just say yes to things. Or you have to say yes cause its the right thing to say. And to that I say NO.

  8. “People are more afraid of the vaccine than the disease”. Big facts Ralph

  9. Most people haven’t a clue what is in the jab yet they willingly believe its OK bcs top notches tell them it is that’s crazy no its insanity at its best

    • @Larry Glass dear Larry same here, it is your medical privacy. You could joke and say: tetanus? Yes i had it. Cause this jab is no v..a…x….but an experiment….take care…

    • @Lunangel it is a good twilight zone where Truth and Authenticity is present. Better there then in the zombie world

    • @Mimsy Parel Very true my friend…tho. sadly very few people seek the truth these days

    • @Lunangel it starts with a few…. I wonder why the so called enlightened Ones : Dalai Lama, Sadhguru, mother Amma….are promoting this poison….. makes you wonder if they are frauds…..

    • @Mimsy Parel It really does make you wonder. Perhaps they are controlled opposition.

  10. I’ve noticed during this last year and a half that a lot of people LOVE rules, no matter what they are, they just feel more comfortable following a rule than questioning a rule. They’re happy to admit it too. Thanks for this video, Ralph!

    Not everyone is going to make it – Ralph Smart.

    • Very true! I like the way many now discus the very pertinent issues instead of positive platitudes, which have their place too. It gives one a gist of what’s shared in the video before watching it.

    • They’re like robots. No sovereign thought. They prefer that others do their thinking for them.

  11. There’s a lot of wave jump rope being played, but ultimately it’s increasing your sovereignty. Because yeah, everybody is lying to you like 94% of the time. Stay Real-

    • Because people are like either organic or manufactured germs, if your organic, your just original so you’re really rocking the show even when your behind the scenes. Nobody should ever go out of their way to tell you otherwise because yeah, those even attempting are just wasting their solid matter while your gaining entropy, it’s backfire for the old world governments. Like They were even part of mine, you guys just came out of nowhere and started acting like fools and atrocity, like go away this is a Sovereign Nation, not controlled by a long shot.

    • Just be careful who your questioning because not everybody thinks and shares the same anymore (go camping and take some pot shots), sadly a majority of the collective are too far gone into negative thinking that’s it we’re separated because we said so. (Go off Grid) all that noise is like harming you. For Freedom of course.

  12. Never gave away my power…never will. We got this…stay in your truth no matter what

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