Online Song of Morgana Full Moon Ritual

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I hope you can join me on April 26 at 6pm PT for my Online Song of Morgana Full Moon Ritual! ✨🖤🌝April’s full moon falls on the 26th in the sign of Scorpio and both Morgana and Scorpio help you work with your intuition and dive deep.

Morgana is the dark goddess of the Celtic tradition, a later form of the ancient goddess of war, the Morrigan, sometimes known as Morgan Le Faye. She’s a triple goddess, a symbol of the three phases of a woman’s life – the maiden, mother, and crone.

Scorpio is the powerhouse of the zodiac. Scorpios have the mind of a detective and love getting to the bottom of things. Their energy is intense and when they’re in something, they go all the way. This water sign transforms all that it touches. Some of the best Scorpionic qualities are magnetism, passion, intuition, and the guts to confront almost anything.

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